Foods for A Satisfying Bedroom Life

Frustrated with boring bedroom life? Don’t worry and have some appropriate eating habits to increase energy, to get into the mood, and blood flowing in the places. No food has magic to overnight increase your libido; but being lacking in certain minerals & vitamins, for example zinc, can cause decreased libido as well as blood circulation. So, check out these foods that will provide you all the necessary nutrients and will help boost your libido:

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  • Almost all of us love chocolate! It is one of the most beloved desserts which contains phenylethylamine—a compound that help you produce feelings of happiness & euphoria by discharging dopamine, which surges during orgasms
  • But try & stick to dark chocolate; because it is less processed & it will not load up on the pounds when moderate amount is consumed


  • This leafy green vegetable is full of folate—a water-soluble vitamin B—which works & helps your body form RBCs and can also give a much-needed energetic boost to your bedroom life
  • Foods that are high in folate are excellent to improve blood circulation, and if you are not eating adequate folate-rich foods, you may have to face fatigue & irritability as side effects that are not good for your bedroom life
  • So, add folate -rich foods, such as spinach, to your daily diet


  • This warm & sweet spice is one of the key ingredients that can add some passion to your sex life
  • It has the potential to decrease the levels of blood glucose and balanced blood sugar means sustained energy which will help enhance your sex life


  • Since watermelons contain an amino acid (citrulline), it can potentially help increase your libido
  • When you consume watermelon, the amino acid citrulline gets converted into arginine, which positively impacts the circulation system. Also, this helps your immune system as well as heart health
  • Arginine increases nitric oxide that relaxes your blood vessels and helps treat erectile dysfunction and other related issues


  • Basil possesses anti-inflammatory properties, which help reduce any swelling in your body, making blood flow more easily to the entire body including the body parts that you need to excite
  • In men, it also promotes sexual desire just by sniffing or smelling it
  • It also increases heart rate & blood flow

So these were the top foods that can help you boost your libido and provide that extra energy. However, you can also try some herbal remedies such as Gokshura from Himalaya or Dabur Shilajit or which help increase your libido, stamina, vitality, vigor, & performance effectively and without side effects!


5 Ways To Protect Your Liver From Alcohol Effects

Liver care

When you consume alcohol, your liver takes in charge of processing the alcohol content & detoxifying the blood. Alcohol, in any quantity or amount, can cause serious damage to the liver. Effects of alcohol abuse include

  • Liver cancer
  • Permanent scarring—cirrhosis
  • Destruct of the liver cells
  • Inflammation in the liver—alcoholic hepatitis
  • Buildup fat deposits in the liver—fatty liver

However, there are ways to protect the liver from alcohol effects maintaining your health as well as allowing you to be fit while still occasionally enjoying the drinks of your choice.

Lose Weight

  • First of all try and start to lose that extra weight off your body
  • Eat only healthy foods and avoid milk products, sweet foods, oily foods, or any food that can contribute to put an extra fat on your body

Eat Less Carbs

  • Say bye to carbs and avoid eating white breads, chips, popcorns & other foods that has carbs; eat fruits & veggies instead
  • Keep on munching some nuts or fruits every few (2–3) hours, doing so will make you feel full and eventually keep away from any unhealthy snacks

Eat Vitamin C & E Rich Foods

  • If you already have fatty liver disease, you will find significant improvements if you increase the intake of vitamin E rich foods by a bit.
  • Also, eating vitamin C rich food slows down the development of fatty liver
    Get Moving
  • Regular & consistent physical exercises help you optimize the liver functioning
  • Exercising helps curb insulin resistance, which is a main promoter of fatty deposits in your liver

Take Herbal Medicines

Try a quality herbal medicine such as PartySmart from Himalaya. It relieves after effects of alcohol such as, fatigue, nausea and vomiting, headache, drowsiness, body ache, & burning in the stomach & chest. Its all-natural formula saves your liver from after effects with no side effects!

Remember, it is way too easier to avert any disease than to treat one; it is totally not worth to wait until your liver gets damaged to benefit from all these tips! So be careful & start taking care of the liver from now.

5 Foods To Prevent Premature Ejaculation

In many men, premature ejaculation (also called as PE) occurs occasionally and it is not generally a cause for tension or worry; but if it the issue arises very often  affecting your sex life, it can be a result of some concerns, worries, or tensions.

Also, premature ejaculation is directly related with men’s age; thus, as men grow older with naturally dropped levels of testosterone, premature ejaculation is most likely to occur.

Check out these foods that can help cure your problem of premature ejaculation. These foods potentially boost the levels of testosterone levels and are natural remedies to help prevent premature ejaculation.

premature ejaculation


  • Eggs are rich in vitamin D, a key vitamin that boosts up sex drive
  • Consuming at least 2 eggs in a day can work wonders to boost up the levels of testosterone in men
  • Eggs are one of the highly effective foods that help cure premature ejaculation


  • Asparagus has a number of various health benefits for men
  • It positively impacts to boost up sex drive in men
  • It is a rich source of several vitamins & minerals including the main vitamin E which boosts up the functioning of hormones in men

Dark Chocolates

  • Dark chocolate is known to be one of the best foods that help treat premature ejaculation
  • Dark chocolate stimulates blood flow to the male organ
  • Dark chocolate contains an imperative amino acid, L-Arginine HCL, which regulates the body’s hormone production


  • Oats are a rich source of an important chemical called serotonin that helps reduce stress & anxiety levels as PE is directly related with increased stress & anxiety levels
  • Also, oats are a rich source of proteins; thus it helps boosting testosterone


  • Carrots are full of all forms of essential minerals & vitamins
  • The important vitamins present in carrots help support & strengthen penile muscles
  • It also helps regulate blood flow to the male organ

Herbal Remedies

You can also try a good herbal medicine, such as Tentex Royal from Himalaya to get rid of premature ejaculation. This product from Himalaya has only herbal ingredients of which Small Caltrops (Gokshura), Almond (Vatada), & Hygrophilia (Kokilaksha) are the key components.

It’s a natural & herbal product that treats premature ejaculation as well as erectile dysfunction & male sexual weakness and increases sexual desire effectively and without any ill effects.

Don’t wait;  add aforementioned  foods to your daily diet and take Tentex Royal from Himalaya, too, to effectively treat your sack session problems.

Risk Factors Of Hemorrhoids Unveiled

First things first!

Bowel habits, a lot of physical stress, and many such other conditions can increase the risk of developing hemorrhoids or can also make current hemorrhoids even worse.

However, few of these risk factors can be treated or averted. Many a times, the root cause of hemorrhoids is not known. Following are the conditions & lifestyle choices that can increase this risk even more, check out:


Things That Increase the Risk of Hemorrhoids

  • Chronic diarrhea or constipation also can result in straining with bowel movements
  • Being overweight
  • Regular intake of alcohol and even smoking may lead to symptoms of hemorrhoids
  • You may tend to get hemorrhoids if your family having a medical history of it
  • Lack of physical activities
  • Pregnancy, labor & delivery—during this period, pressure & blood volume on pelvic blood vessels increases and the labor strain also can cause it or can make it worse
  • Heart diseases, liver diseases, or sometimes both may cause blood to back up in the abdomen & pelvis causing hemorrhoid

Things That May Worsen the Condition

Hemorrhoids may be worsened by:

  • Prolonged standing or sitting—standing or sitting for longer time can cause blood to pond in the abdominal or anal area increasing the veins’ pressure
  • Lifting heavy things or holding the breath while lifting heavy things—it can cause an abrupt increase of pressure on blood vessels

Treating & Preventing Hemorrhoids

There are several home remedies that can treat hemorrhoids.

Include fibrous foods—such as banana, apple, veggies, and so on—in your daily diet; this is one of the best ways & important part that helps reduce the hemorrhoids risk.

Also, try some herbal and natural medications that will help reduce this embarrassing condition. There are many herbal medications available in  the market but the Pilex Tablets also known as VeinCare from Himalaya is one of the best herbal remedies  for hemorrhoids. This product aids in the lessening of the engorgement of the veins as well as various capillaries. It also facilitates healing and helps fixing inflammation keeping away from any infections.

Also, if symptoms or problem still occur, do not avoid  and visit a certified  doctor at the  earliest to get relief and to treat & completely eradicate it!