Risk Factors Of Hemorrhoids Unveiled

First things first!

Bowel habits, a lot of physical stress, and many such other conditions can increase the risk of developing hemorrhoids or can also make current hemorrhoids even worse.

However, few of these risk factors can be treated or averted. Many a times, the root cause of hemorrhoids is not known. Following are the conditions & lifestyle choices that can increase this risk even more, check out:


Things That Increase the Risk of Hemorrhoids

  • Chronic diarrhea or constipation also can result in straining with bowel movements
  • Being overweight
  • Regular intake of alcohol and even smoking may lead to symptoms of hemorrhoids
  • You may tend to get hemorrhoids if your family having a medical history of it
  • Lack of physical activities
  • Pregnancy, labor & delivery—during this period, pressure & blood volume on pelvic blood vessels increases and the labor strain also can cause it or can make it worse
  • Heart diseases, liver diseases, or sometimes both may cause blood to back up in the abdomen & pelvis causing hemorrhoid

Things That May Worsen the Condition

Hemorrhoids may be worsened by:

  • Prolonged standing or sitting—standing or sitting for longer time can cause blood to pond in the abdominal or anal area increasing the veins’ pressure
  • Lifting heavy things or holding the breath while lifting heavy things—it can cause an abrupt increase of pressure on blood vessels

Treating & Preventing Hemorrhoids

There are several home remedies that can treat hemorrhoids.

Include fibrous foods—such as banana, apple, veggies, and so on—in your daily diet; this is one of the best ways & important part that helps reduce the hemorrhoids risk.

Also, try some herbal and natural medications that will help reduce this embarrassing condition. There are many herbal medications available in  the market but the Pilex Tablets also known as VeinCare from Himalaya is one of the best herbal remedies  for hemorrhoids. This product aids in the lessening of the engorgement of the veins as well as various capillaries. It also facilitates healing and helps fixing inflammation keeping away from any infections.

Also, if symptoms or problem still occur, do not avoid  and visit a certified  doctor at the  earliest to get relief and to treat & completely eradicate it!


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