Causes Of Low Sperm Count Revealed

Low sperm count is often a sneaky malady which leaves many couples childless. The condition which is medically referred as oligospermiaCauses of low sperm count explored or oligozoospermia heads up when sperm count in ejaculate is less than 20 million sperms per mL.

Three main types of oligospermia occur which can be named as mild oligospermia, moderate oligopsermia and severe oligospermia, depending upon the sperm count. Three of them arise due to certain causes which can be explored as below.

Top causes of low sperm count:

  • If normal flow of the sperm gets hindered due to medical conditions such as vasectomy (male sterilization) and testicular trauma, low sperm count in the ejaculate is observed.
  • Scars or blemishes caused due to surgical procedures which are carried out on the male reproductive system can contribute to oligospermia.
  • Infections occurring in the male reproductive system or some diseases like gonorrhea and chlamydia which are sexually transmitted can result into oligospermia.
  • Declined sperm production can result from medical conditions such as varicoceles, hormonal disorders (2% are affected), problems of testicles, diabetes, heart problems and obesity.
  • Gonadal dysgenesis, Hemochromatosis, Noonan syndrome, Prune belly, Myelodysplasia, Impotence, Multiple sclerosis and Prolactinoma are associated with low sperm count.
  • Stress caused due to work related, relationship and physical problems, alcohol or drug abuse, smoking, exposure to toxins and malnutrition are also some of the important contributing factors.
  • Consistent use of hot baths, tight underwear or other inner clothing also seems to be related with low sperm count.

Well, with the understanding of the above causes it is also important to know that this men’s sexual issue leads to complications such as infertility and sub-fertility and thus needs to be treated with the right treatment.

Treatment can be as simple as dietary and lifestyle modifications to some advancement such as use of herbal supplements that help increase sperm count. Speman from Himalaya is one of the effective herbal remedies to increase sperm count which surely helps childless couples. OnlineHerbs is the preferred place by many to know about Speman and avail it online with reasonable price, what about yours?

By acknowledging the causes of oligospermia, you can keep the problem of low sperm count away!


Reap The Benefits Of Herbs To Cure Anxiety

Anxiety is a common symptom that generally appears when you are stressed or depressed. It’s just the game of your emotions and feelings which are controlled by your brain. But the good thing is that natural remedies including certain herbs work well to treat anxiety.

anxietyNatural herbs and herbal supplements have active constituents that help combat anxiety in an effective way.

The list of some of the key anti-anxiety herbs:

    • Passion flower: It is extensively studied herb for its anxiety curing effects and is also said to offer benefits same as prescription medications. Passion flower is a sedative herb and it’s approved remedy for nervous restlessness in Germany. It aids you get enough sleep and feel relaxed.
    •  Valerian: The results about this herbal remedy are quite conflicting with some positives and some negatives. Avoiding the use of valerian for a long time is the best practice. Being a sedative herb, it helps combat sleep problems such as insomnia.
    • Lemon balm: This herb is in use since many years for treating anxiety, stress and sleep problems. It is also known as Honey bee and is available as capsule, powder or tincture. An herbal preparation of lemon balm, chamomile, hops and valerian gives excellent results. Don’t overindulge or else it may increase anxiety.
    • Green tea: Green tea has several active compounds that refreshes and calms you. Especially, L-theanine helps with the signs of anxiety. In addition to its positive effects on anxiety, green tea has many therapeutic benefits for overweight people and those with heart related problems.
    • Mindcare/Mentat: It’s a readymade herbal preparation which comprises of several herbs such as Arjuna, Brahmi, Ginger, Cloves and a lot more. It has active ingredients that diminish the levels of compound tribulin which is elevated during the anxiety stage. Thus offers a good cure against anxiety.

You can know more about these anxiety-fighting herbs on Online Herbs and also buy them online with very equitable price. Reap the benefits of these herbs including Mentat from Himalaya as a natural and herbal anxiety cure.

Have You Heard These Skin Care Myths?

Skin care is quite fiddly as there are different skin types and one solution doesn’t work same for all. And many of you can often become a victim of skin care propaganda or old-wives’ tales. Let’s take a look at some of the myths which have misinformed you about your skin care

anti aging

Myth #1: Skin or face gets clean when washed with hot water.

No, skin doesn’t get clean if washed with hot water rather if your skin is sensitive, it will become red, itchy and irritation can also occur. It doesn’t mean that hot water works for those with normal skin. Because for them hot water can dry out facial skin which can lead to further skin issues ranging from redness, flaky skin to zits and acne.

Mild-warm or room temperature water, on the other hand, does great job without causing any irritation and curbing the risk of skin problems.

Myth #2: Oil is bad for your skin.

In fact, many vegetable oils are very good option to moisturize your skin. Try washing your skin with coconut oil, olive oil or sesame oil or spreading oil on face after a shower for few days and you will observe that skin evens out and gets moisturized with naturally. Whether your skin is oily or dry, you will see positive results.

Myth #3: Scrubbing with chemical-packed scrubs does great for your skin.

Scrubbing with artificial scrubs which are full of toxins and chemicals is harsh for almost all skin types. Instead, try exfoliating with natural scrubs in the form of fruits for which fresh mango, fresh pineapple chunks or mashed strawberries will just do fine.

Myth #4: What you eat doesn’t matter when you are using bucket of skin products.

Here, you must recollect popular saying ‘you are what you eat’. A healthy and balanced diet comprising of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, dairy and enough water followed with healthy lifestyle will make your skin strikingly radiant more than artificial beauty products.

Busting these myths will add more light on your skin care activity. Well, it doesn’t indicate that you have to avoid using natural beauty products. Rather they offer a perfect and side-effect free assistance for your skin problems.

Himalaya Purim is one of such natural herbal supplement which counteracts skin problems ranging from skin infections, pimples, acne, dermatitis and hyperpigmentation. go Online Herbs for more information on this skin care herbal remedy.