Foods for A Satisfying Bedroom Life

Frustrated with boring bedroom life? Don’t worry and have some appropriate eating habits to increase energy, to get into the mood, and blood flowing in the places. No food has magic to overnight increase your libido; but being lacking in certain minerals & vitamins, for example zinc, can cause decreased libido as well as blood circulation. So, check out these foods that will provide you all the necessary nutrients and will help boost your libido:

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  • Almost all of us love chocolate! It is one of the most beloved desserts which contains phenylethylamine—a compound that help you produce feelings of happiness & euphoria by discharging dopamine, which surges during orgasms
  • But try & stick to dark chocolate; because it is less processed & it will not load up on the pounds when moderate amount is consumed


  • This leafy green vegetable is full of folate—a water-soluble vitamin B—which works & helps your body form RBCs and can also give a much-needed energetic boost to your bedroom life
  • Foods that are high in folate are excellent to improve blood circulation, and if you are not eating adequate folate-rich foods, you may have to face fatigue & irritability as side effects that are not good for your bedroom life
  • So, add folate -rich foods, such as spinach, to your daily diet


  • This warm & sweet spice is one of the key ingredients that can add some passion to your sex life
  • It has the potential to decrease the levels of blood glucose and balanced blood sugar means sustained energy which will help enhance your sex life


  • Since watermelons contain an amino acid (citrulline), it can potentially help increase your libido
  • When you consume watermelon, the amino acid citrulline gets converted into arginine, which positively impacts the circulation system. Also, this helps your immune system as well as heart health
  • Arginine increases nitric oxide that relaxes your blood vessels and helps treat erectile dysfunction and other related issues


  • Basil possesses anti-inflammatory properties, which help reduce any swelling in your body, making blood flow more easily to the entire body including the body parts that you need to excite
  • In men, it also promotes sexual desire just by sniffing or smelling it
  • It also increases heart rate & blood flow

So these were the top foods that can help you boost your libido and provide that extra energy. However, you can also try some herbal remedies such as Gokshura from Himalaya or Dabur Shilajit or which help increase your libido, stamina, vitality, vigor, & performance effectively and without side effects!


5 Foods To Prevent Premature Ejaculation

In many men, premature ejaculation (also called as PE) occurs occasionally and it is not generally a cause for tension or worry; but if it the issue arises very often  affecting your sex life, it can be a result of some concerns, worries, or tensions.

Also, premature ejaculation is directly related with men’s age; thus, as men grow older with naturally dropped levels of testosterone, premature ejaculation is most likely to occur.

Check out these foods that can help cure your problem of premature ejaculation. These foods potentially boost the levels of testosterone levels and are natural remedies to help prevent premature ejaculation.

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  • Eggs are rich in vitamin D, a key vitamin that boosts up sex drive
  • Consuming at least 2 eggs in a day can work wonders to boost up the levels of testosterone in men
  • Eggs are one of the highly effective foods that help cure premature ejaculation


  • Asparagus has a number of various health benefits for men
  • It positively impacts to boost up sex drive in men
  • It is a rich source of several vitamins & minerals including the main vitamin E which boosts up the functioning of hormones in men

Dark Chocolates

  • Dark chocolate is known to be one of the best foods that help treat premature ejaculation
  • Dark chocolate stimulates blood flow to the male organ
  • Dark chocolate contains an imperative amino acid, L-Arginine HCL, which regulates the body’s hormone production


  • Oats are a rich source of an important chemical called serotonin that helps reduce stress & anxiety levels as PE is directly related with increased stress & anxiety levels
  • Also, oats are a rich source of proteins; thus it helps boosting testosterone


  • Carrots are full of all forms of essential minerals & vitamins
  • The important vitamins present in carrots help support & strengthen penile muscles
  • It also helps regulate blood flow to the male organ

Herbal Remedies

You can also try a good herbal medicine, such as Tentex Royal from Himalaya to get rid of premature ejaculation. This product from Himalaya has only herbal ingredients of which Small Caltrops (Gokshura), Almond (Vatada), & Hygrophilia (Kokilaksha) are the key components.

It’s a natural & herbal product that treats premature ejaculation as well as erectile dysfunction & male sexual weakness and increases sexual desire effectively and without any ill effects.

Don’t wait;  add aforementioned  foods to your daily diet and take Tentex Royal from Himalaya, too, to effectively treat your sack session problems.

5 Allergy Fighting Foods

If you suffer from seasonal allergies, you go to a doctor for advice or take drugs to get relief from it. But instead of taking pills, there is a better option which  is natural and readily available in your kitchen.

Including natural foods in the daily diet can help you through all the seasonal allergies without any side effects. Find  out some the foods that fight the seasonal allergies.


Foods That Fight Allergies

  1. Nuts

Nuts are good and healthy choices as they are rich in vitamin E and magnesium. Vitamin E helps to boost the immunity and protect the body from free radical damage, while magnesium protects from wheezing in asthma. Nuts such as pecans, walnuts, almonds and so on can also help.

  1. Apples

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” – this is truly said as apples are best to protect against asthma and allergies. It contains quercetin, a flavonoid that  has anti-inflammatory properties to fight against  allergies. It is also rich in antioxidant known as polyphenols that prevents the cellular damage.

  1. Red Grapes

Red grapes are rich in Resveratrol and antioxidants, an anti-inflammatory compound that helps to reduce the inflammation and protect from oxidative damage. It also helps to improve the immunity that  fights allergies.

  1. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are the fruity vegetables that are high in vitamin C. It contains natural antihistamine and is an immunity booster that helps to fight an  allergy.

  1. Fish

Fish contains omega-3 fatty acids that have natural anti-inflammatory properties  to help boost the immunity. Allergies occur when your immune system is weak, so fish can help to improve the immunity and combat allergies.

Simple foods from your kitchen can also help you to fight the sneezing and sniffling. Instead of going for the over-the-counter drugs, implement  the usage of natural ways to fight the problem and stay healthy!.What’s more, if you are allergic and been taking medications and still not recovering, you can switch to a herbal medicine such as Yashtimadhu from Himalaya.
It is enriched with non side-effects forming herbs to relieve you off allergies gradually and easily. All the best!

5 Foods That Could Kill Your Libido

We are already living in an era that’s polluted and not good for good health maintenance.


Further, stress, irregular and inadequate eating and sleeping pattern is not at all taking us to the bliss of life and only miseries in the form of multiple diseases and complications.

In the same context, having low libido in today’s time is not a surprising.

Having low libido means lack of sexual appetite, erectile dysfunction and much more that not only becomes a moral crashing hindrance for your self-confidence but even your partner who is left craving for you like anything and just imagine the kind of frustrations you would be going in that case.

Although there are many cause of having a low libido and food is one of them. Surprised? Yes, what we eat greatly affects our physical performance. Let’s dish out 5 foods that you must keep away from to enjoy a great conjugal life.

  • Beans – It is a good food for general health but a sex killer due to its gassy factor.Better stay away from beans to enjoy great copulation sessions with your lady love. If you must, eat only in moderation and do not have it when you are about to make love.
  • Chocolate  – Chocolate contains methylxanthines, making skin sensitive to every touch and in the longer run can make you lethargic and in the long run makes people tired and temporarily cuts their libido and sexual drive.
  • Fish – Generally, fish is a great health super food but try to avoid oysters alone or with your partner and your fish intake as it can down female sex drive and leading to issues in the bedroom life.
  • All Fried Foods – Stop indulging in the yummy but libido killing fries and burgers as they can harm your sexual drive gradually. Next time you make up your mind to bite into a big burger, think about the disastrous night’s performance in the bed with your partner set to happen gradually.   
  • Microwave Popcorn  – The popular movie time snack can satisfy your hunger and taste buds but it can cause havoc on your rocking sex life as the chemicals used in the lining of the bag of the microwave oven and found in non-stick pans and pots are linked to greatly reducing sex drive.

Along with avoiding these aforementioned foods, you can opt for a great herbal and side-effects free product called Tentex from Himalaya that would help to rekindle the lost libido and boosts vitality and vigor effortlessly.