5 Heart Healthy Foods To Eat Daily

5 Heart Healthy Foods To Eat DailyFirst things first! Given the kind of the lifestyle that we are living which is marked by irregular eating and sleeping patterns, increasingly alarming level of stress, lack of or no exercises and much more, our health prosperity is also going down.

In the same context, out heart is also getting affected due to our flawed lifestyle and that’s where going for some naturally healthy and side-effects free foods can save the heart from various health complications.
Try to eat these foods daily and keep heart health in top form.


These nuts have rich source of cholesterol lowering agents, helping to keep blood pressure down and as a result, do not affect the health of the heart. Have lots of almonds daily and let your heart say ‘thank you’.


An apple a day keeps the doctor away and indeed it does greatly. Try to have at least one apple daily and keep heart issues at bay as it can block LDL (bad cholesterol) oxidation, leaving an 8% drop in the level. Have it with oatmeal, another great heart healthy food.


Beans of all types are good for lowering your cholesterol level and keeping your heart healthy. Go for soybean and others in a weekly rotation and do great to your heart.


Blueberries can also keep cholesterol level down to keep heart diseases at bay from developing naturally as it has an agent called Pterostillbene.


Two-three servings of fatty fish such as Salmon can make LDL go as low as 20%. It also has Omega-3 fatty acids to keep your overall health in a great state. Make away for fish and keep red meat out of your kitchen or have in moderation, if you must eat.

Try to include these foods daily and keep your heart in a great state of health. What’s more, you could also opt for a natural product to keep many heart diseases away sans the issues of side-effects such as Arjuna from Himalaya.


6 Foods To Eat In Diarrhea

Diarrhea is an irritating issue under which a person’s digestive system does not work properly due to indigestion and many more reasons and as a result, he/she passes a watery stool 3-5 times or even more during a day.

While prescribed medications is a good bet to get rid of diarrhea but as they also comes with the baggage of side-effects, opting for some healthy foods can help to heal.


Yoghurt, especially having live bacterial cultures can easily keep diarrhea at bay and also heal it. The live cultures aid to restore the ‘good’ bacteria in the intestine and destroy the ‘bad’ bacteria which cause diarrhea.


Ginger has properties to treat food poisoning can also act as a great food item to eliminate cramps and stomach/abdominal pain. Have ginger teat 2-3 times daily when having diarrhea.

Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek seeds are considered beneficial to cure diarrhea as they are laced with high mucilage content. This is because Mucilage provides a great antidiarrheal effect. Chew some with some yoghurt to ease diarrhea.

Apple Cider Vinegar

One of the other most sough-after home remedies for diarrhea is using apple cider vinegar as it works as an effective agent against bacteria that paves way for diarrhea.

Carrot Soup

Carrots are believed to have antidyspeptic properties to cure diarrhea as it’s a high-bulk food. Children could be given carrot soup if they are having diarrhea as it also make up for lost minerals during lose motions.

White Rice

Plain or white rice is one of the best considered foods to eat when dealing with diarrhea as it’s an easy-to-digest food. It also aids to add bulk to the stools and decrease stool’s amount.

Try to include these foods when you suffer from diarrhea and kick it out easily.

What’s more, you may also opt for a natural product to cure diarrhea such as Bael from Himalaya and stay away from the fear of side-effects as in the case of most of the prescribed and OTC (Over-The-Counter) medications.

4 Superfoods For Ravishing Skin

image (19)Almost all of us want to look beautiful and be appreciated. While it’s a good thing to dream about it to have a great skin complexion to win brownie points from others, only few people are determined to actually grab it.

Many people opt for harmful and chemical based beauty products to keep skin nourished and cleaned which leads to side-effects such as pimples, acne and more.

Thus, why not to stay natural, have some inexpensive foods and get a ravishing skin!

    • Almonds

Almonds are an excellent source of vitamin E more than any nut. Try to add some to your cereal bowl to get a smooth skin. It also imparts great skin cell repair, moisturize dry skin and keeps away inflammation and ageing.

    • Salmon

This oily fish, being high in Omega 3 fatty acids can also work on factors that lead to wrinkles and ageing and keeps skin supple and hydrated. Have some quantity of Salmon for sure in a week and keep skin refreshingly young.

    • Kiwi Fruit

Don’t snack on that burger, instead go for kiwi fruit as it’s loaded with vitamin C (double than orange), sure to give a boost to your skin complexion. Vitamin C being an antioxidant boosts collagen into the skin and fights off free radical damage, a common ageing factor.

    • Tomatoes

Also having tomatoes daily could improve the texture of your skin effectively as they help to keep away the blues of UV rays and also protects from ageing and wrinkles. Go for tomatoes and have a spotless skin.

Thus, what are you still waiting for? Why not opt for these inexpensive natural foods and get a glowingly radiant skin in no time. You could also opt for various natural products for skin care without side-effects and get the desired results easily.

Kick Out Constipation In 5 Natural Steps

Herbolax from HimalayaFirst things first! Constipation sucks! Yes, when you try repeatedly to ‘relieve’ yourself every morning and when there are no ‘outcome’, you feel cringing from inside as the feeling of having something not pleasant makes you feel bad.

Constipation is a feeling when you are unable to pass stool for even once in 2-3 weeks and if that happens it becomes a matter to only be investigated but carefully solved.

Majority of people opt for prescribed medications but as they come with the baggage of side-effects, why not to go for some naturally safe and effective method to help you ‘go’ easily.

Let’s explore more!

Add Healthy Oil In Your Diet

Having irregular bowel movements or stressed/painful stool is a clear sign that you have not been eating well or hydrating enough. Thus, try to stimulate your digestive system by adding healthy oil in the diet as oil aids ‘stuffs’ moving in the colon, when taken in moderation, controls constipation.

A Warm Cup Of Lemon Water Helps

Take up 1 lemon and squeeze its juice in a glass of warm water and have it the first thing in the morning.

The citric acid will not only help you detox your body but also help loosen hard stools and eradicate undigested materials built up along colon lining.

Have Insoluble Fiber Rich Foods

Having insoluble fiber rich foods can easily work as cleaning agents for intestines to clear up hardened stools and ‘scrub’ left feces and other unwanted materials in the colon. Go for whole grains, wheat bran, carrots, raisins, onions, peanuts, walnuts and pineapple.

Avoid Raw Foods

As raw foods are hard to digest and may take up longer to process, it may dampen, weaken and also make your digestive system to overwork. Raw foods are slowly broken down and passed through the intestine, losing water and paving way for hard stools.

Hydrate Properly

Have plenty of water as it can aid in digestion and improve bowel movements. Have a glass of water 30 minutes before a meal and 1 hour after to aid your digestive system absorbs nutrients easily.

Go for these easy-to-follow methods and kick out constipation. You can also opt for side-effects free herbal medicine called Herbolax from Himalaya to get your hard ‘stuffs’ moving minus all the fuss.

Eat Your Way To Urinary Tract Infection Relief

ext blog pic 13 may 15First things first! When you are doubled over the pain of your urinary tract infection (UTI), you have options to control it and its good news.

While it’s common to pop up antibiotic drugs to get relief from pain and other UTI symptoms, some UTI home remedies can help as well.

In the same context, what better place to get relief other than in your kitchen? Can’t believe? Read on to know more!

Foods such as yoghurt, garlic, onions, cranberry juice- all have secured a place in the UTI treatment plan.


When you are dealing with the pain of UTIs, one thing that you could do is to drink plenty of water as it helps to flush out the bacteria. If you weigh 150 pounds, target to drink 75 ounces of water to keep UTI pain under checks.


Cranberries are loaded with hippuric acid, which keeps away bacteria from clinging to the urethra. They may not be that effective akin antibiotics but still could be useful as many people have adverse reactions to the medicines and develop drug resistance.

Probiotics Yoghurt

Probiotic yoghurt is loaded with beneficial bacteria can also aid the body fight infections in the condition of urinary tract infections (UTIs). Eat yoghurt daily when you feel UTI symptoms are coming to haunt you.

Garlic & Onions

Although there are not many studies to back up garlic and onions, they could still be helpful to fight urinary tract infections as they facilitate antimicrobial activity, meaning they could be of great help to kill bacteria and various other microorganisms from growing inside the body.

Vitamin C Foods

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant which could keep our bladder and urethra working superbly and healthy but you must avoid too much of vitamin C foods such as oranges, lemon and more as they tend to make your urine even more acidic, prevents bacteria from growing and paving way for UTIs. Check with a known doctor about the dosage of vitamin C foods and then only take.

Other than these foods, you could also go for an herbal medicine to keep UTIs pain under control such as Cystone from Himalaya after consulting a certified medical practitioner.

5 Foods To Keep Stress Away

stress & depressionStress is one thing which is simply inevitable these days with various kinds of stress such as work related or life related and one must have methods to cope with it to live a healthy and happy life.

Stress happens due to various deadlines, being unable to meet multiple expectations and fulfill many desires and that’s when it becomes unmanageable for people to deal with it.

As a result, many people opt for anti-stress medicines which may be good initially but later on a dependency starts and also leaves many unwanted side-effects.

Let’s face it, till the time we are alive there would be some or the other reasons for stress so why not opt for some foods that may naturally keep us calm and cool sans side-effects.


Nothing to laugh as you must be thinking that they would make your urine smell funny. But being high in folate, an essential material to keep you cool when stressed or under pressure, you can steam them and also add to salads. Go ahead and eat to your heart’s content.


It’s a creamy fruit which may easily make your body stress-proof. Avocados provide many nutrients also otherwise being a great stress buster. Enjoy these and see stress go away.


Berries such as strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries are rich in vitamin C which is known to be effectively useful in combating the menace of stress.


Garlic, other than being a great life supporter for many ailments and complications also elevates mood and helps to keep your stress level under permissible checks. Try to include some in your diet daily and see a refreshed version of yourself gradually.


Another great source of vitamin C, orange can be made palatable always and also help your mood to be up and elevated and also keeps stress under checks gradually. Have them today!

What’s more, other than these naturally good foods, you can also go for Ashwagandha from Himalaya, an herbal product to address stress related issues of hypertension, premature ageing and diabetes.

Eat These & See Better!

People who are having eyes in good working condition take them for granted. They must go to people who are unable to see and ask about the real value of not having eyes.

Today’s time is marked by endless pollution, stress and other harmful aspects which are sure to affect our vision in due course of time if precautions are not started in time.

Why to wait till medicines are prescribed for affected vision and why not start a natural eating regime that would keep our vision stronger for ages to come.

    • Green Vegetables

All green veggies such as collard greens, spinach, kale and broccoli are easily known to keep away from the loss of vision as they are loaded with the goodness of vitamin B12, C, A and calcium. You must try to eat as many green vegetables in a day and ensure they are not overcooked as it may lead to valuable nutrient loss.

    • Eggs

Kick off your day with an egg or even two to keep your vision going great guns. Eggs have proteins which are beneficial to the lens of the eye. Even the yolk is good as it keeps away from eye diseases when you age.

    • Garlic

Akin to eggs, even garlic aids to protect the lens of the eye and can safeguard it against eye diseases and cataracts as you age. Garlic is a Superfood to lower cholesterol, support a healthy immune system and increased blood flow other than just being good for eye health.

    • Carrots

You must have heard about carrots being great for eye vision since school days right? Why? It has beta-carotene which is great for retina and safeguards against damage from sun. Snack on carrots and have a toned vision gradually.

    • Fish

Fish, in particular Salmon, Tuna and Cod have Omega-3 fatty acids, found in the retina. Omegas are known to improve the brain power, indirectly leading to enhanced vision. Don’t like fish? No problems go for fish oil pills for same results.

What’s more, other than eating these great foods, you could also opt for Ophthacare from Himalaya as it’s a blend of multiple herbs to keep away dirt and dust off eyes and also heals eye irritations and other possible eye disorders.