Herbal Therapies For Boosting Immune System

In spite of tremendous development in the field of medical science, there has been no significant reduction in the number of people facing health problems. Though medical science has found a cure for treating various diseases, many new diseases keep cropping up. This gives rise to the question as to what is going wrong and where?


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An individual is prone for diseases and infections only when his immunity level is low. Right from cough, cold to chronic illness such as cancer, diabetes most diseases affect individuals only when their immune system goes for a toss.

What is immune system?

Immune system’ fightining  weapons are  white blood cells (Leucocytes), organs and tissues in the body’s acting as defense mechanism. They fight and protect the body against various foreign invaders such as virus, microorganisms, and bacteria, which keep attacking the body from time to time.

Unless the immune system is strong, our body is bound to fall prey to these germs and microorganisms and make us fall us sick and unhealthy.

How to boost one’s immune system:

One of the best preventative measures, which can be adopted to avoid falling sick or under the weather, is by boosting the immune system. Nobody likes to visit a hospital or a doctor often. There are multifarious ways by which one can boost his or her immune system.

Adopting a healthy way of life:

One of the ancient, tried and tested method of improving upon the immune system is by following a healthy life style. This can be done in the following ways:

Eating a healthy diet: What goes in is reflected outside is an age old saying. This aptly applies to our eating habits. Fresh, fruits and vegetables should form a major portion of our diet. Lean meat, legumes, whole grains if consumed in the right proportion act as immunity booster.

  • Food rich in omega3 fatty acid and anti oxidant rich foods should form a regular portion of our diet. Flax seeds, fish, olive oil,   are known to be rich in all the good nutrients that are essential for boosting our immunity.
  • Inclusion of a dose of vitamins such as A,C, B and E along with Zinc , Copper and Iron in the form of multi vitamin everyday also helps to boost the immunity power.
  • Drinking plenty of water to keep the body hydrated and consuming green tea is known to help build the immune system.
  • A good night’s sleep also plays a significant role in improving the body’s immune level.

Herbs for boosting immunity:

Ancient Ayurvedic and medical practitioners have always advocated the use of herbs for boosting the immunity level in the body. Certain herbs such as Guduchi herb and Amla (Rich in vitamin C) are known to help boost the immunity level of the body.

Practically it is impossible to consume all the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals each single day. For providing the benefits of various herbs for boosting, the immune system to millions of people world over,  Himalaya company has made available the benefits of various herbs in the form of Dabur Chywanprash.

With the consistency of jam and a sweet sour and tangy taste, this preparation is liked by young and old alike. The Ayurvedic medicine of Chywanprash is known to boost not only the immunity but also help promote healthy heart, provide relief in menstrual problems.

 Regular consumption of this natural herbal remedy aids boost memory. It even strengthens bone, teeth and digestive system.

A small step taken to improve health will not only help to boost immunity, fight diseases effectively but also save money on medical bills, and help improve the performance level. Why delay, give a try with immediate effect.


Go For The Natural Cure of Amla For Beauty and Health

Tired of  the side effects of chemicals in all the cosmetics and medicines you use? Looking for a refreshing change providing a natural cure without side effects. Try taking Amalaki From Himalaya

imagesThe Amala also known as Indian Gooseberry (Emblica Officnalis ) fruit is native to India and its reference can be found in the ancient Indian text of Ayurveda  nearly 3000 years ago mainly for health care and  beauty .Its reference can even be found in the Unani system of medicines.

The Amalaki herb adapts itself to any climatic conditions and has the potential to grow anywhere from poor to rich soil. With feathery green leaves this tree of Amla bears yellow green flowers. , It has grey bark with red wood and bears small green colored fruits with strong scent of lemon which are used to produce oil.

The content of vitamin C in the fruit of Amala is nearly 30 times more than that of an orange. It is also known to be rich in fiber, minerals and proteins. Every part of the Indian Gooseberry tree from fruits, flowers, bark, roots and seeds are useful to mankind.

Hence its use as a home remedy in Indian households for the cure of various diseases such as common cold and also for boosting the immune system has been in prevalence since ages.

The Amalaki Himalaya manufactured in the form of tablets contains all the same Amalaki benefits which an individual can possess by eating the fruit of Amala. Like for any other ayurvedic preparation, this medicine can also be consumed after consultation with a medical specialist.

The benefits of Amalaki from Himalaya are underlined as follows:

  • Antioxidant: Being rich in antioxidant the regular consumptions of the fruit of Amala helps an individual to fight against harmful free radicals responsible for causing diseases such as cancer.
  • Helps to Increase the count of red blood cells thus aiding to heal diabetes, rejuvenate skin, healing skin diseases and toning of the heart muscles. Hence its role in preventing and treating heart disease is undisputed.
  • Beauty Purpose: The role of Amalaki herb and fruit in field of beauty is irreplaceable. The Grandma recipes are a testimony to the fact that Indian women have used this rich fruit of Amala for nourishing and growing their hair since eons. Being an astringent, it has little drying effect which can overcome with the use of a good moisturizing hair conditioner.
  • Eye related disorder: A little honey mixed with the juice of Amala herb if taken daily is known to preserve eyesight and help in the cure of conjunctivitis glaucoma and also reduce the intraocular tension.

With such a peerless fruit of Amala having multiple benefits such as anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-histamine, anti-fungal, anti-spasmodic, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and yeast inhibiting properties.

Why should anyone suffer from the use of the modern harmful drugs and cosmetics having lot of side effects and spoil one’s health?