Quick guide on natural remedies for skin care

Natural remedies for skin care are most recommended ways to handle skin related problems. Do you have oily skin? Or rough skin? Do you encounter with pimples every now and then? If the answer is yes, then you need to treat your skin with natural remedies for skin.

Cleaning your eternal system will help you to bring a glow to your skin and to do that it is necessary to eat well, drink ample of water and take proper health care. Natural ways means to lead simple and hygienic life. This includes stress free life and control in your daily routine.

Below are given the best and easy natural remedies for skin care:

  • Oatmeal or milk baths are super options for soothing and softening the skin.
  • Add fiber, whole grains, Cauliflower, Beans and Legumes in your daily diet.
  • Flaxseed and walnut oil are also recommended to bring a glow to your skin.
  • Himalaya Olivia bleach is also a great remedy to bring instant effect on your skin. It is specially made considering the sensitive skin of women, hence very much gentle, safe and non-irritating beach.
  • Try Aloe-Vera on your face, it is a great rejuvenate for skin.

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Acnovin Powder is an excellent remedy for Acne or Pimples

Acnovin Powder or Lep is a combination of effective natural ingredients which promotes skin health and prevents it from various skin conditions such as acne, skin infection etc. Acnovin Powder is one of the best product from Vasu healthcare Pvt. Ltd, from India.

Acne is a common skin condition also known as Pimples. Acne is caused by changes in the sebaceous glands which cause blockage and inflammation of skin pores. The common symptoms are whiteheads or blackheads, pimples (pustules) or cysts on the face, back and chest. Acnovin Powder helps to prevent acne formation process and gives better glow and shiny coat.

Acnovin Powder is the perfect blend of herbs made in base of of Multani Mitti which is free from chemical and no any side effects. The main active constituents are as follows.

Rubia cordifolia (Manjistha): Manjishtha promotes the healing of skin tissues damaged by injury or infection.

Haridra (Curcuma longa): Turmeric has many beneficial properties such as anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and anti-bacterial. This protects the skin from any injuries and promotes the healing process.

Tankankshar (Sodas biboras): Maintains normal skin PH and promotes in skin cleansing and purification process.

Multani Mitti (Clay Multani): Multani Mitti or Indian Fullers Earth is made up mostly of volcanic ash. This clay is a very good absorbent and helps in drawing excess oils from the skin and stimulating circulation to the skin.

Acnovin Powder is an excellent remedy for all types of skin problems. It has an excellent cooling effect. It helps to keep bacteria away from skin, cures pimples and controls oil formation process. This is a very good product for skin problems, it glows skin and maintains it very well.

Benefits of Acnovin Powder:

  • Helps clear skin damaging toxins
  • It prevents acne formation.
  • It effectively controls secretion of oil glands

Helps to maintain skin fresh healthy and glowing.

Best foods to take as natural remedies for indigestion

Indigestion is a health condition under which a person is unable to digest foods that is facilitated along with the discomfort in the abdomen or upper belly right after a person has eaten or during the process of eating.

A symptom of indigestion may include feeling of heat, pain or burning between the navel and breastbone’s lower part and also the pain and unusual feeling of fullness that makes a person develop a fear of food and also anxiety as soon as the eating begins or when it is over. Nausea and bloating could also occur.

Most of the people take up normal over-the-counter medicines but as they could be also with side-effects taking up any food type alone could act as natural remedies for indigestion to cure the condition in no time.

Some better foods as natural remedies for indigestion

Some of the foods as natural remedies for indigestion that could do wonders in healing the condition of indigestion could be summed up as under.

  • Fiber- A fiber rich diet could ease the complications of indigestion the easy way. Fiber is the most effective nutrients that help your digestive system work fluently. Having a fiber rich diet could mean the end of all types of indigestion related chaos. Fruits and vegetables would help one live in a sense of easiness. Sweet potatoes, celery and apples and similar food types shall soothe the problem of indigestion
  • Spicy foods- Now this is a bit unusual choice! Yes, spicy foods are not actually meant to be given to a person having indigestion issues but giving a mildly spicy food before a meal could actually stimulate the stomach to make more acid. Thus, when the actual eating takes place, the food is easily broken in the stomach, easing the process of digestion.
  • Yoghurt- Yoghurt could be classified as one of the most beneficial food ever discovered for the well-being of not only the stomach but also overall. It has active cultures that aid the enzymes in your stomach to break down food faster than ever. Taking a probiotic supplement could be relied upon to have the same effects if one does not have a personal liking towards yoghurt. Yoghurt has been rightly classified as one of the best natural remedies for indigestion and many more health issues to heal in a jiffy.
  • Drinking hot drinks and water- Water is required by the body to function effortlessly as it helps in various activities including the digestion part as well. Taking 8-10 glasses of water would mean a better ‘you’ in no time. Hot drinks such as tea and coffee after being taken after a big meal could ease the process of digestion. Thus, when you eat your heart out, make sure you drink a hot drink after it. If you’re eating habit does not allow you to have hot drinks after a meal, take up peppermint or even buttermilk could be a better option.

These are some of the best placed food type in the form of natural remedies for indigestion that must be followed even if one is not having indigestion issues to keep feeling light and raring to go for all activities of life. Best of luck in your endeavor to kick off indigestion!!

Natural remedies for diarrhea : Best food types to look for

Diarrhea is a condition when the bowel movements of a person become watery or more frequent than usual or both. The stool that passes during this phase many also contain excess amount of fats, mucus, blood or pus and could be accompanied by painful cramps and weakness plus a bit of feverish feeling also comes along with it.

It happens when the lining of the intestine unable to absorb fluid or secrets fluid even more than usual. When people face a condition called diarrhea, they go to a local pharmacy over-the-counter store and pick up common medications. While they could ease the issue a bit but not up to a great extent and they may also pose some side-effects and that’s where taking some foods as a part of natural remedies for diarrhea may help in the long-term.

Some foods as better natural remedies for diarrhea

Yes, taking some foods alone could work as natural remedies for diarrhea and help to control the condition and also remove it for the long-term.

  1. Banana– The first thing that comes in the mind for one to take as food comes as Banana. Yes, Banana are an excellent food to stop and prevent diarrhea because they bulky, non –irritating and heavy to a patient’s digestive system. Take Banana and get rid of diarrhea easily.
  2. Rice– Rice is one of the better food types to be eaten when having diarrhea as it not only heal the condition but also is an excellent food that fills up stomach more than anything. It is also calming and bland as it slows down the effects of diarrhea and blend well.
  3. Apple sauce– Being bulky and easy to digest, Apple sauce works as one of the great natural remedies for diarrhea
  4. Toast– A toast have the capacity to soak all acidic content of the stomach and do not stimulate the stomach to overproduce during diarrhea
  5. Curd or Yoghurt– Known for centuries for various kinds of ailments, eating curd or Yoghurt could pave the way for diarrhea to be kicked off easily. Eating a mixed diet of curd/yoghurt and hot rice along with a little salt is an excellent food for the stomach to resurrect itself from the clutches of diarrhea, constipation and indigestion

Don’t wait in silence when you have got the list of foods that would work best as natural Home remedies and kick it off sooner than ever without having to bother about the ill-effects of common medicines for it. All the best!!

Yashtimadhu benefits in relieving symptoms of, cough, bronchitis and fever

Are you suffering from cough and fever? And also have symptoms of bronchitis, then you needed an immediate treatment. And what could be better than natural remedies for cough and fever. Yashtimadhu is a great natural remedy for cough. It is formulated with rare herbs and possesses huge benefits in problems related to throat such as cough, bronchitis and fever.

Benefits of Yashtimadhu:

  • This herbal formulation treats infections of throat including cough and respiratory disorders.
  • It also shows benefits in improving memory and acts as a mental Rejuvenator.
  • Helps in reducing headaches, cough, inflammation, and fever
  • It works in treating skin disorders as well.
  • Many herbalists also suggest this Yashtimadhu to treat gastric, duodenal and esophageal ulceration.
  • Works as a health supplement, that strengths muscle and bone.

Take the benefits of this natural herbal remedy for cough and fever and also cure other alignments as well. It is safe to use and have not shown any harmful effects on anyone till dated. Many people prefer this herbal remedy to deal with common problems of throat infections.

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Speman from Himalaya can give hope to childless couples by increasing sperm count

Impotency is a big issue for many couples nowadays because of lifestyle changes. There are so many reasons to cause Impotency such as stress, medication, genetic problem or any injury, but one of the prompt reasons is low sperm count. Speman from Himalaya is an Ayurvedic herbal remedy for treatment of Impotency due to low sperm count.

Low sperm count is referred as fluid ejaculated during orgasm contains a low sperm count as compare to normal. This situation is also called as oligospermia. Low sperm count in semen reduces chances to fertilize your partner’s egg, result in unable to become parents or impotency.

This situation can be easily overcome by taking medicine which helps to increase sperm count. So many synthetic medicines are available in medical store but Speman from Himalaya is different and special product. It is a mixture of herbs which maintains reproductive health.

Speman from Himalaya promotes the process of spermatogenesis (the process of sperm formation) by improving testosterone levels in men due to oligospermia (low sperm count). It further improves sperm motility and quality of sperm by increasing productivity of basophil cells in the pituitary that secrete LH-FSH.

Speman from Himalaya is strong antioxidant due to its natural herbal combination. This prevents the oxidative damage of sperms helps to maintain healthy sperm count in men. The reproductive health is protected due to antioxidant effects.

Besides this Speman from Himalaya also helps in penile erection. It improves blood supply in the penis which helps for proper erection and excitation. It improves sexual desire and stamina.

It contains herbs which has aphrodisiac properties such as Small Caltrops (Gokshura), Cowhage/Velvet Bean (Kapikachchu) and Hygrophilia (Kokilaksha). Kapikachchu is well known herb for treatment of low sperm count, Gokshura is improves penile erection and increases testosterone production and increases sexual desire.

Speman from Himalaya is a magical product for couples who are not able to become parents. It has created hopes for them and different research groups have proven its effectiveness.

Natural remedies for liver health- Some food habits to keep fit

Liver is an important part of human’s body or any living being’s body as it is responsible to digest foods that we intake on a daily basis. A healthy liver means a healthier you. Thus, it becomes really crucial to aid our level in getting full support to do its job; digest food the easy way and relieve the body of all toxins always.

However, some life conditions or diseases may put the liver under stress to perform. Genetic, environmental and dietary factors could also do their bit to harm the liver and put your life under a degree of uncertainty.

Taking medications in this regard could be good for not for a long-time as it could start other side-effects to crop up and make situation from bad to worse. Thus, why not to opt for some natural remedies for liver health in the form of adopting to some food habits and keep live healthy!

Some food habits as natural remedies for liver health to keep it fit

Let’s see some easy food types or habits to adopt as a part of natural remedies for liver health and start taking better care of the liver.

  • Fruits and vegetables- Turn to fruits and vegetables more as a diet full of vegetables and fruits are proven to act good to rejuvenate liver’s health. Thus, lap it up more.
  • Carbohydrates- People having liver issues have problem in digesting proteins thus proteins intake shall be reduced as carbohydrates further breaks to glucose that gives fuel and energy to the body. Whole grain breads, starchy vegetables and cereals may be taken as they are complex carbohydrate forms.
  • Lean protein and low sodium foods- Avoid having high salt based foods as it can aggravate swelling and choosing a lower salt than table salt could be done. Lean protein forms such as Chicken may be taken along with Fish as well
  • Low fat foods- In order to keep live always in top gear, it would be advisable to switch to foods that have low fat content. Replace butter with olive oil, and a mix of a diet comprising of whole grains, fruits, and vegetables, small lean protein such as fatty Fish and Chicken and as low an amount of healthy fats shall be taken. Avoid taking potato chips and have nuts as a better option.

Make these dietary changes in your lifestyle and take up these small norms of natural remedies for liver health and keep your liver in top gear.