5 Ways To Protect Your Liver From Alcohol Effects

Liver care

When you consume alcohol, your liver takes in charge of processing the alcohol content & detoxifying the blood. Alcohol, in any quantity or amount, can cause serious damage to the liver. Effects of alcohol abuse include

  • Liver cancer
  • Permanent scarring—cirrhosis
  • Destruct of the liver cells
  • Inflammation in the liver—alcoholic hepatitis
  • Buildup fat deposits in the liver—fatty liver

However, there are ways to protect the liver from alcohol effects maintaining your health as well as allowing you to be fit while still occasionally enjoying the drinks of your choice.

Lose Weight

  • First of all try and start to lose that extra weight off your body
  • Eat only healthy foods and avoid milk products, sweet foods, oily foods, or any food that can contribute to put an extra fat on your body

Eat Less Carbs

  • Say bye to carbs and avoid eating white breads, chips, popcorns & other foods that has carbs; eat fruits & veggies instead
  • Keep on munching some nuts or fruits every few (2–3) hours, doing so will make you feel full and eventually keep away from any unhealthy snacks

Eat Vitamin C & E Rich Foods

  • If you already have fatty liver disease, you will find significant improvements if you increase the intake of vitamin E rich foods by a bit.
  • Also, eating vitamin C rich food slows down the development of fatty liver
    Get Moving
  • Regular & consistent physical exercises help you optimize the liver functioning
  • Exercising helps curb insulin resistance, which is a main promoter of fatty deposits in your liver

Take Herbal Medicines

Try a quality herbal medicine such as PartySmart from Himalaya. It relieves after effects of alcohol such as, fatigue, nausea and vomiting, headache, drowsiness, body ache, & burning in the stomach & chest. Its all-natural formula saves your liver from after effects with no side effects!

Remember, it is way too easier to avert any disease than to treat one; it is totally not worth to wait until your liver gets damaged to benefit from all these tips! So be careful & start taking care of the liver from now.


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