How To Cope With Stress Using Natural Herbs?

Has hectic modern life style ruined your health? Are you feeling low in energy, physically weak and irritated? You could be experiencing stress.

Modern life and stress:

Do not ignore stress; it could take a toll on your health. In this modern hectic lifestyle of long hours at work, little time for family ,bills to pay, unhealthy eating habits, and rushed daily routines, stress has become an integral part of our life which cannot be overlooked.

Has technology increased or decreased stress in our lives?

Many may argue that technology has provided us with more leisure but on the contrary the modern man is more stressed out as compared to his earlier generation. Stress whether we like it or not has ascertained its place in our lives.

Unless we wake up and take control of the situation, stress can cause havoc in our lives. Right from stomach ache, headache, anger, anxiety, crying and depression, stress can cause mental, physical and emotional disturbance in an individual.

Can stressed be cured using natural herbs?

Of course. Stress can be healed naturally. “Health is wealth” The ancient ayurvedic practitioners knew the secret to this.

Nature has endowed us with many herbs such as Abhrak bhasma,Arjuna ,Ashvagandha ,Bhringaraja Biranjasipha ,Chyavanaprash ,Daruharidra ,Ela ,Haridra ,Haritaki ,Himsra ,Jatipatri ,Jatiphalam ,Jhavuka ,Jyotishmati ,Kakamachi ,Kapikachchu ,Kasamarda ,Kasani ,Kumkuma ,Lavanga Loha bhasm,Mandukaparni ,Mandura bhasma,Musali ,Pippali ,Shatavari ,Shilajeet ,
Udakiryaka,Vasaka ,Vriddadaru ,Yashada bhasma,Yashtimadhu ,Yavani , which act as stress busters.

Geriforte for stress made using natural herbs:

For the benefit of the modern man, Geriforte from Himalaya has been made using all the above mentioned herbs.

This natural herbal remedy of Geriforte being rich in antioxidant helps overcome stress by reducing anxiety and fatigue. It acts as a nervous stimulator by improving the circulatory and respiratory functions in the body.

During post operative and convalescence period, the herbal supplement of Geriforte is considered as an excellent adjuvant as it helps fight infections and improves the immune system .

Even for age related disorder, this ayurvedic medicine is considered as effective as it improves stamina and enhances overall performance of the body.

There are many other natural ways available for overcoming stress. Listed below are few of the natural methods which can be adopted to deal with stress:

  • Exercising regularly helps to increase the endorphin levels in the body. One of the best ways to overcome stress is by setting aside certain time for work out.
  • Meditation is a great way to reduce stress. Closing one’s eyes and keeping the mind without thinking anything helps to normalize the breathing . If practiced early in the morning, this will help to face and overcome the everyday stress with ease.
  • Improvising the breathing techniques. Learning to breathe deeply and effectively is a wonderful way to counter the stress. Many breathing techniques practiced in yoga help an individual to expel toxins from the body and inhale more oxygen. Thus in turn helps combat stress.
  • Lifestyle changes such as healthy eating habits comprising of fruits vegetables, omega 3 fatty acids rich food, antioxidant rich flax seeds, going to bed early, rising early, organizing the daily routine all help in reducing stress in our daily life. Small subtle changes if made in the daily routine will become a habit in the end.

Avoiding liquor, tea and coffee, going for long walks if incorporated in the daily routine will help reduce stress greatly. In case you experience stress even after adopting such a life style, the best way to overcome the same is by visiting a medical practitioner. Certain tests when done will help identify the underlying cause for stress. Start today, the sooner the better.


Himalaya Ashwagandha is the best natural remedy to kill stress

Stress is the slow killer of today’s time and this is why many people irrespective of age factor are being diagnosed with high blood pressure and related problems. This is one reason why young people are diagnosed with serious health problems. It is suggested by top doctors that it is better to always rely on herbal medicines to get well rather than being dependent on allopathic medicines.

Himalaya Ashwagandha is one such herbal medicine which is very useful in removing stress as well as related disorders. This medication has been very useful and trusted by those who have taken it. It has been reported in top health magazines that people who have used this medicine have overcome many health related issues which are associated with stress.

Let’s look at some excellent benefits of Himalaya Ashwagandha

Benefits of Himalaya Ashwagandha

  • Ashwagandha is excellent in removing stress and other stress related problems
  • This herb ensures proper physical fitness
  • It ensures proper and sound sleep and this way after taking this medicine one does not feel tired as there are no sleepless nights
  • It enables the proper and accurate brain functioning and thus relieves the body of stress and related fatigue
  • It is a very powerful aphrodisiac
  • Ashwagandha is a powerful herb which has more than one functions , it is capable of treating a nerve problem, impotency, constipation, rheumatism, bipolar disorder, bone cancer, diabetes and many other physical ailments.
  • It enables normal inflammatory response

Important point to be noted

  • Ashwagandha is no doubt a wonderful herb but people who have liver or thyroid problems must not take this drug as it will react badly with people who have this health problem.
  • They must also take care that they do not take any such herbal medicine which has Ashwagandha in it. The Doctor’s suggestion is required in this regard.
  • If one feels uncomfortable after taking this medicine then he/she must immediately stop the usage and rush to the doctor.

The benefits of Ashwagandha are beyond doubt but in serious cases of stress related issues one has to consult the doctor before taking the medicine.

How vitamins help to relieve stress

Vitamins are micronutrients essential for our body in minute quantity for proper glandular functioning and the synthesis of neurotransmitters. There has been a long debate in medical science that stress can be relieved by certain vitamins and now there are enough evidences to prove efficacy of vitamin as a stress reliever. Now we will look first what happens when we are under stress and then we will discuss how vitamins work to cope with stress.

What happen during stress?

When you are under stressful condition, the stress response is activated and cortisol is produced also called as the stress hormone. Fight or flight response is also activated releases fats and carbohydrates into the blood stream. Free radicals also released as a stress response. These all lead to anxiety, increased fatigue and frustration.

The level of serotonin also decreases due to stress; serotonin is a neurotransmitter that keeps you calm.

How Vitamins relieve stress?

  • Now we know cortisol is produced as a stress response. To break down cortisol vitamins is required, if supplemented vitamins during stress, cortisol level decreases and you can feel relaxed.
  • Niacin; a B vitamin constitutes; is necessary for the normal synthesis of serotonin. If Niacin is supplemented during stress it increases synthesis of serotonin which relieves stress.
  • Vitamins C and B-complex are needed to break down fats and carbohydrates released in blood as a Fight or flight response
  • We know vitamins are a rich source of antioxidants, that means vitamins neutralizes free radical level produced during stress conditions.
  • Vitamin C will boost the immune and nervous systems during stress. This will make you feel better and healthier.
  • Coenzyme Q10 helps in energy production to feel more energetic.
  • Zinc is an important mineral which can help restore and maintain a healthy immune system.

This all we can get from foods what we eat daily. A lot of vegetable, fruits, cereals, seafood will help us to get this and we can be stress free forever.

Find relief with these natural remedies for stress

Stress and anxiety have become a way of life, especially in this modern world. But at the same time people are steering towards natural remedies to for treating the same and they are visiting herbalists and Ayurvedic practitioners in larger numbers. They are following natural remedies for stress along with complementary treatments and therapies. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Massage – Having a good massage can turn out be very therapeutic and is perhaps one of the most widespread natural treatments available. With a wide range of techniques as well as styles to choose from, massages for stress and anxiety are gaining more recognition with passing days.
  • Meditation – Meditation a unique discipline that utilizes controlled breathing to free the mind of thoughts or activity. This process normally leads to a more relaxed outlook, especially if practiced on a regular or a daily basis.
  • Aromatherapy – Nothing beats the calmness and peace that a whiff of nice of scent brings about. Plant as well as flower extracts is often infused with base oils so as to create a palette of aromas when inhaled or even experienced as a part of massage can bring relief to muscular tension as well as stress in the body. As some of the most effective natural remedies for stress, you can also add essential oils such as lavender or bergamot which are very popular. Even a cup of chamomile tea drank before bedtime can also bring about sufficient relief.
  • Yoga – Yoga is actually a discipline which combines the mental and the physical. With controlled breathing as well as precise poses, yoga unifies the mind, body and spirits. It is extremely useful in easing stress as a meditative aspect. Thus, it can successfully lower blood pressure and heart rate.

So these were some essential natural remedies for stress. With these to your aid, you are sure to combat and successfully overcome the same.

Natural remedies for stress relief- Top 5 Foods

Stress and depression have attained the status of modern day cancers and thus they must not be allowed to take over your peace and derail your lifestyle. But, given the kind of flawed lifestyle that we are forced to live, stress and depression do affect us.

While most of us may take common medications for the same, they could have bad side-effects, so why not to opt for some foods as natural remedies for stress relief and send stress packing.

Coming straight to the point, here are the top 5 foods in the form of natural remedies for stress relief that would help you keep happy and stress free.

  • Asparagus- This magical veggie is very high in folic acid that can easily stabilize your mood and relieve you from stress. Also taking vegetables having B Vitamins and Folic acid would be advisable to be included in daily diet regimen to maintain a stress-free life
  • Beef- Beef is one of the mood elevators as it has loads of zinc, vitamin B and iron to make you feel stress free after minutes of you have consumed it. People think that they shall keep beef off their platter but compared to Chicken, it is one of the major nutrient rich food item that also relieves people of stress in no time
  • Milk- Since milk is very high in Vitamin B2 and Vitamin B12 and antioxidants; it is not only greatly nourishing the body but also keep the mood of the people and induces a good night’s sleep.
  • Blueberries and other fruits in common- Blueberries are nature’s blessings to fight off stress easily as they are laced with high-fiber content, low in calories and have antioxidant properties to facilitate stress fighting with vitamin C to being present in them.
  • Fish- Fish is also another stress relieving rich in omega 3 fatty acid food and taking it daily would surely keep you not only fit but also in the right spirits.

Take the routes of these natural remedies for stress relief and see yourself in the state of blissful health and happiness ever. All the best!

Ashwagandha from Savesta: helps relieving stress

Ashwagandha from Savesta: helps relieving stress

We are living in the 21st century, though we are happy with the changes around us and all the modernization but still we cannot avoid the consequences we are facing with this modernization. Yes, as we are trying to leave luxurious life but for that we are paying our mental peace by taking lots of stress.

To relieve the problem of stress and to lead a healthy life here is presented before you the natural remedy for stress Ashwagandha from Savesta. It is the natural formulation to deal with the stress related anxiety and other problems.

Do not take worries any more as this natural herbal cure is all set to straight your issues related to mental health. This Ashwagandha medicine gives the relaxation from daily stress and hence also promotes Healthy Aging and accurate Brain Functioning.

If you are involved in any stress related works and often get fatigue through it then, to deal with your trauma, stress, anxiety and fatigue order this magical herbal creation Ashwagandha from Savesta to get a proper cure for your worries.

This rare formula supports and boosts the memory of an individual. Here are given the overall health benefits of this medicine:

  • This natural remedy for stress also helps in improving immunity power
  • Ashwagandha is a rejuvenate herb and will helps in activating the overall body functioning
  • Also enhances the mental and physical strength.
  • Helps preventing premature aging
  • Solves problems related to hypertension
  • Also take care of brain functioning

Avail this multipurpose natural remedy for stress from Online Herbs the herbal destination for all your health problems. They also offer free shipping and affordable prices.

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Home remedy for eye infection is the best choice

Home remedy for eye infection is the best choice

Here are some home remedies for eyes that will keep your eyes in top condition. I was infected by eye infection and I used these natural remedies for eye instead of applying medications. I would like to share this with all readers so that they can benefit from these as well.


Tea bag soaked in warm water will provide instant relief from stye. It will provide relief from pain and will heal it in just one day.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a wonderful herb that not only reliefs one from eye infection but is good for skin as well. This home remedy for eye infection has been in use for centuries and it is still used. Most doctors recommend this herb for eye infection as it is 100% safe.

Cold bread

Cold bread is the best herbal home remedy for eye infection. Not only is it cheap but easily available. It is used for relieving eye infection and it will keep yaour eye in top condition. Cold bread can also be used to relieve tiredness of eyes. Every night use this cold bread therapy and see the difference in just few days. This is the most easily available home remedy for eye infection.

Jasmine flowers

Jasmine flowers are a unique way of relieving eye infection. Soak some jasmine flowers in a glass of water and leave it for overnight. In the morning add few drops of this solution to your eyes and see the difference.

Cucumber slices

Cucumber slices are another excellent way of relieving eyes from infection and itchiness. While on does facial, they can apply some cucumber slices on their eyes and it will provide them instant solution from all eye related problems. This is another age-old home remedy for eye infection.

I have used all these remedies and gat instant relief from the eye problem.