Best foods as natural remedies for male fertility

natural remedies for male fertilityMale fertility is one thing that’s taking a huge hit these days because of many factors such as stress, junk food intake, pressure to complete deadlines and much more.

Many people go up to a local pharmacy shop or so called ‘sexologists’ to get back their power of male fertility back but as the medicines suggested by these so-called solutions are very well packed with miseries in the form of various agents that could give rise to many side-effects to further make the situation worse. Continue reading


Hispo Forte is the best natural remedy to increase sexual performance

A good sexual performance depends on so many factors such as sexual arousal, good erection no stress and long stamina. If any one factor affected due to any reason, sexual performance decreases which may lead to frustration. Further development causes sexual performance anxiety and you are not able to perform any sexual activity.   Continue reading

Best foods as natural remedies for diabetes

Diabetes is one of the major issues that have been observed over the world to be a major problem creating ailment or disease clutching more and more people as this is being written and as you read this piece of information.

Yes, diabetes has become very common these days and even people who do not take much sugar based foods are having many chances or developing a diabetes disease. Continue reading

Cure on the Oil for joint & Muscular Pains is considered as the most effective remedy for joint pain

Joint pain is the most common health issue amongst all adults and seniors. There are many types of injuries and disease condition causes joint pain. This very painful condition affects quality of life. It may last for several days to several years.

Joint pain has affected large population, According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s 34th report on the health status of the nation, “Joint pain and muscular pain has affected almost 30% of adults in the USA in 2009.”  There are wide ranges of medication available for joint pain and Cure on Oil for joint & Muscular Pains is one of effective remedy.

Cure on Oil for joint & Muscular Pains is combination of natural oils that cures joint and muscular pain. It gives instant relief from joint pain, backache, sprain, body ache, stiffness of joint and muscles.

Ingredients of Cure on Oil for joint & Muscular Pains:

Til oil or Sesame Oil:

Sesame oil is known to have anti-inflammatory activity and other health benefits to humans.

It consists of zinc, calcium, copper, magnesium, iron and vitamin B6. Calcium prevents from osteoarthritis, PMS, migraine, headache. Copper supports nerve to get relief from pain. It also contains the amino acid arginine, helps to relieve pain.

Pudina or Field mint:

Pudina consist of 3 types of mint in it, which soothes muscle and relaxes peripheral blood vessels. It is used to treat joint pain, arthritis, headache, toothache, gum inflammation etc.

Gandhapura oil:

Gandhapura oil is used for rheumatism, acute arthritis and joint pain.  It also reduces swelling and stiffness of joints.


Ashwagandha has many medicinal uses one of them is to treat symptoms of arthritis.


Shatavari oil is used to treat joint and muscle stiffness and body pain. It also stimulates blood circulation.

All these natural oils work together to get relief from joint pain and muscular pain. These do not have any side effects considered as safe natural remedy.

Liver care DS from Himalaya is natural remedy for Liver Care

Livercare DS is one of the most innovative products from the Himalaya research lab for better liver health. This is a combination of few medicinal herbs which acts as a liver protective, improves functioning of liver and maintains it well. It is also known as Liv-52 DS.

The natural ingredients from Himalaya Liv 52 DS possess great liver care activity can be used to treat Cirrhosis, Fatty liver, Hepatitis, and Elevated liver enzymes. Liver damage caused by external chemicals can be restored by protecting the hepatic parenchyma and promoting hepatocellular regeneration. The various health benefits are as follows.

Health Benefits of Livercare DS:

  • It naturally prevents and treats viral hepatitis
  • It provides optimum liver health.
  • It acts as an adjuvant with hepatotoxic drugs.
  • It helps to cure Alcoholic liver disease.
  • It helps to treat and prevent from Pre-cirrhotic and early cirrhosis conditions.
  • Treats radiation and Chemotherapy induced liver damage.
  • Helps to treat protein energy malnutrition.
  • It Improves digestion and assimilation process and promotes healthy weight gain

More than 198 clinical trials have been conducted on Livercare DS. One of the research paper published in in 2005 journal “Phytomedicine” concluded that Liv-52 possess hepatoprotective effect in cirrhotic patients and this can be attributed to the diuretic, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative, and immunomodulating properties of the component herbs.

Recent research has also proven that Livercare DS possess cholesterol-regulating action helps to maintain healthy levels of serum cholesterol, lipoproteins, phospholipid DS and triglycerides. It has special use in alcohol induced liver damage. It facilitates rapid elimination of acetaldehyde, the toxic intermediate metabolite of alcohol metabolism and ensures liver damage due to alcohol consumption.

In addition to liver health Liver care Herbal Remedies also improves appetite, digestion and assimilation processes and promotes weight gain. It contains herbs which have liver protecting property such as The Caper Bush (Himsra) and Chicory (Kasani). This comes in tablet form and not known to have any side effects.

Some good foods to opt as natural remedies for cold & flu

Cold and flu are the simplest and yet common and frequent reason for many more people to bunk office and classes at schools and colleges. Most of the people suffering from cold and flu have less resistance power to ward off these common disease types and if not treated well, could pose problems galore.

The Less resistance against cold and flu here means nothing but a weak immunity system. One mostly takes over-the-counter medicines to cure colds and flu but they may not be sure shot option in the long term as side-effects may crop up. That’s where going for some food based natural remedies for cold & flu could be taken as a perfect way to eliminate the chaos of cold & flu.

Some foods as natural remedies for cold and flu

Simply take up the below listed food based natural remedies for cold & flu and quickly show the door to cold and flu the tasty way.

  • Chicken soup – Chicken soup is called nature’s penicillin and it could be opted for various types of diseases with great curative power. Take up hot Chicken soups and quickly clear clogged or blocked airways with the nourishing broth shall give you a quick energy. Add more vegetables, onions, garlic and you have just made it more powerful
  • Hot and spicy food– Chilies, garlic horseradish and spicy sauces are meant to remove congestion due to cold & flu
  • Garlic – Garlic is a top food type to consider always for many ailments and cold & flu is yet another ailment type to be kicked away with garlic intake
  • Fluid intake – You also need to increase your fluid intake instead of coffee, carbonated or sweetened drinks and have pure fruit juices and water and even hot drinks could be taken
  • Citrus fruits – As cold and flu happen due to a lack of vitamin C, increasing citrus fruits such as oranges, lemon and grape could be a better natural remedies for cold & flu to say goodbye to cold & flu

Start taking these simple and yet economical and side-effect free Vasaka From Himalaya  and keep all blues of cold & flu away. Happy Healing!!

Himalaya Mentat: Memory tonic to improve concentration and learning ability

This is the 21st century and every individual is running in the race to prove them best and if your week memory and concentration is stopping you to grow in this competition then do not worry as Online Herbs has launched Himalaya Mentat. It is a great remedy to overcome from your memory related issues.

Himalaya Mentat is a natural remedy to boost your memory and offers great assistance in improving concentration. If you are having any issues related to your memory then this is a great natural remedy to cure your problems.

If you have found yourself in many awkward situations where you fails to remember and recognize the things then this could be the reason of your weak memory, old age (If You are above 50) or medical conditions like Thyroid issue also cause loss of memory.

Benefits of Himalaya Mentat:

  • It is an herbal formulation of rare herbs and delivers the great healing benefits. It helps in retaining memory, maintains brain health and improves concentration.
  • It acts as a calmative tonic and hence boosts memory strength.
  • It helps reducing fatigue, and works as a supportive therapy in treating epilepsy, mild to moderate retardation , speech defects and Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.
  • Himalaya Mentat treats behavioral disorders such as asocial behavior, hyperkinetic states, temper tantrums, enuresis and aggressive behavior.
  • It helps person to combat from stress and anxiety related problems.
  • It treats problems related to convulsions and insomnia.
  • This natural remedy for memory treats learning disability and concentration impairment.
  • It also helps in removing the rational quotient, faculty span and attention and emphasis verge susceptibleness.

Get cure for all your alignment and live a healthy and happy life. Order Himalaya Mentat the great remedy to boost your memory. So what are you waiting for? Place your order today and help yourself to achieve your goals.