Inflammatory Skin Condition Causes & Remedies

Inflamed skin is a very common reaction of human body to help fend off any harmful allergens or infections. Its symptoms & signs generally include itchy skin, redness, & sometimes, painful rashes, too.

Sometimes, the inflamed skin tends to clear up without any treatment. But if you determine the underlying cause of it and take the required steps or action to treat it, it will be easier for you to cure the symptoms such as redness, swelling, skin rashes, & itchiness.

Check out these general & possible causes of skin issues and its treatments.


Causes Of Skin Inflammations

  • Viral infections such as chickenpox & influenza can also trigger inflammatory responses of the skin resulting in a rash & itchy dry skin
  • Chemicals & irritants found in some skin care products as well as some detergents can also cause inflammation & allergic skin reactions
  • Eczema is a skin condition that causes symptoms of inflammation, irritation and a skin rash
  • Poor dietary habits as well as insufficient or lack of exercise can also cause skin problems
  • Skin trauma—as a result of any injury or accident—can cause swelling & inflammation
  • Smoking also causes various skin problems such as, acne, inflammation, wrinkles, & rashes
  • Hives are other allergic skin reactions that cause inflammation, red marks/welts, & itchiness
  • Stress and/or hormonal imbalances can lead skin inflammations, too
  • Extreme heat and/or humidity can also result in an inflammation or skin rash

Treating The  Inflammatory Skin Conditions

  • Aloe Vera gel helps ease swellings & pain; apply it on the affected area. It also provides a protective layer that prevents scratching & further damage to your skin
  • Baths with warm water provide relief from dry & itchy skin. You can add a bowl full of oatmeal to the water which will treat any rash & soothe your skin
  • Apply an ice pack or a cold compress to inflamed skin; this will reduce swelling & pain. But if the skin is cut or broken, don’t use any damp cloth because it causes spreads the infection


  • Eat foods that are high source of  flavonoids & antioxidants; such as strawberries, blueberries, & spinach. Such foods help reduce the inflammation
  • Papain in papayas and bromelain present in pineapples can also help reduce the swelling as well as irritation
  • Healthy herbs such as ginger, cat’s claw, & red clover are all potential anti-inflammatory agents; such herbs can help to treat almost all types of skin conditions and infections

Apart from these home remedies, try some good quality skin lotion, too; such as, Coresatin Nonsteroidal Cream Therapy for Inflammatory Skin Conditions.

This lotion or cream effective treats the inflamed skin, soothes it, & gives you a soft, supple, & smooth skin. Also, do not forget to regularly visit your skin specialist to completely get rid of skin issues.


7 Causes Of Low Sex Drive In Women

Low sexual desire is the common form of Female Sexual Dysfunction. For a woman to have low desire is very common. But if you are turning your partner down on a regular basis, then you might analyze  what is going wrong.

There are many factors that can have an impact on the libido and the reasons may also vary from individual to individual. Find out the major causes of low sex drive affecting your sex life.

7 causes of low sex drive in women

  1. Illness

An illness can lead to low sex drive that includes PMS, diabetes, lung and heart disorder, hypothyroidism and cancer. Apart from these illnesses running nose can also make you feel with low sex drive.

  1. Stress

Stress also makes you feel low on your sex drive. The piles of work on your desk can make you feel tired and stressful. When you have stress, it sucks out the sexual energy from you.

  1. Lifestyle

Lifestyle can also affect your sex life. It can lead to stress if there is any unusual or hard to follow changes in your lifestyle.

  1. Medications

Many medications and drugs can decrease the feelings of physical desire. Some medications such as Xanax and Prozac may affect your sex,  even  psychotropic drugs, birth control pills and sedatives can also lower your interest in sex.

  1. Ageing

Age, hormonal imbalance in the menopausal stage can lead to low sex drive. Some women may also develop an aversion due to age.

  1. Depression

Depression may lower your interest in sex. If you are depressed, then sex may not be on your priority. However, you must know that indulging in a steamy sack session can easily release ‘feel good’ hormones and help to keep depression and low-feeling away if not permanently but for some time, providing you much-needed relief.

  1. Drugs & Alcohol

Excessive consumption of alcohol and drug dependenmcy can also lead to low libido or sex drive.

Many of the other causes can also lower the women’s interest in the sex that may affect their sex life and aforementioned cuases were primary.

If lack of interest brings your desire down, there are ways available that helps to boost your sex drive. Healthy lifestyle, balanced and nutritious diet, regular exercise and consultation with a certified  medical practitioner for proper medications and treatments can help you  again add  ‘X’ to your sex life.

Moreover,  one can also go for the product Confido from Himalaya, a complete herbal and effective product without any side effects, which helps in addressing the sexual conditions such as nocturnal emission, spermatorrhea and premature ejaculation convincingly.

5 Foods That Could Kill Your Libido

We are already living in an era that’s polluted and not good for good health maintenance.


Further, stress, irregular and inadequate eating and sleeping pattern is not at all taking us to the bliss of life and only miseries in the form of multiple diseases and complications.

In the same context, having low libido in today’s time is not a surprising.

Having low libido means lack of sexual appetite, erectile dysfunction and much more that not only becomes a moral crashing hindrance for your self-confidence but even your partner who is left craving for you like anything and just imagine the kind of frustrations you would be going in that case.

Although there are many cause of having a low libido and food is one of them. Surprised? Yes, what we eat greatly affects our physical performance. Let’s dish out 5 foods that you must keep away from to enjoy a great conjugal life.

  • Beans – It is a good food for general health but a sex killer due to its gassy factor.Better stay away from beans to enjoy great copulation sessions with your lady love. If you must, eat only in moderation and do not have it when you are about to make love.
  • Chocolate  – Chocolate contains methylxanthines, making skin sensitive to every touch and in the longer run can make you lethargic and in the long run makes people tired and temporarily cuts their libido and sexual drive.
  • Fish – Generally, fish is a great health super food but try to avoid oysters alone or with your partner and your fish intake as it can down female sex drive and leading to issues in the bedroom life.
  • All Fried Foods – Stop indulging in the yummy but libido killing fries and burgers as they can harm your sexual drive gradually. Next time you make up your mind to bite into a big burger, think about the disastrous night’s performance in the bed with your partner set to happen gradually.   
  • Microwave Popcorn  – The popular movie time snack can satisfy your hunger and taste buds but it can cause havoc on your rocking sex life as the chemicals used in the lining of the bag of the microwave oven and found in non-stick pans and pots are linked to greatly reducing sex drive.

Along with avoiding these aforementioned foods, you can opt for a great herbal and side-effects free product called Tentex from Himalaya that would help to rekindle the lost libido and boosts vitality and vigor effortlessly.