6 Ways To Lose Weight With Diabetes

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder in which body does not use the energy properly and is unable to produce enough insulin that controls blood glucose level. Maintaining a healthy weight if diagnosed with diabetes is very important as it controls blood glucose level.

A study done in Atlanta has revealed that 8 out of 10 people with diabetes are overweight or obese. The excess weight particularly deposits around the belly is a major cause of type II diabetes and some people can control it by losing weight.

6 Ways To Lose Weight With Diabetes

If you are overweight with diabetes, losing weight is the best thing one should do to maintain the overall health. Healthy weight also reduces the risk of other complications such as cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure and helps body to produce insulin and function properly. To maintain a proper weight to control diabetes, check out the following tips.

6 Ways To Lose Weight With Diabetes

  • Keep A Track On Calorie Intake

Everyone think that losing weight means cutting all the calories and not eating the food that you like. But this is not the case! Eating low calorie and fat in smaller portions is recommended. One should keep a track of how much calories one is eating. A low calorie, low fat, high fiber, low carbohydrate diet should be followed. Before following a diet, one should consult their doctor or a dietitian.

  • Consult A Registered Healthcare Professional-

Consult your doctor or dietitian before going for weight loss or following a specific type of diet. They can help to set your goal for weight loss. Before going for low carb diet, healthcare professional should be referred, as medications such as insulin may be adjusted accordingly to avoid low blood glucose level.

  • Regular Exercise

Regular exercise is very important to lose weight when having diabetes. Doing exercise controls weight but it also boosts the effectiveness of the insulin in the body. Other benefits of exercise include lowering of blood pressure, high energy, better sleep and increase in the activity level. It also reduces other complications related to diabetes such as eye conditions, foot ulcers and cardiovascular diseases. Consult your physician for the type of activity to add to your routine.

  • Check The Blood Glucose Level

Including physical activities in the routine, making changes in the diet and losing weight can all contribute to maintaining blood glucose level. So, keeping a track on your blood sugar level is a must. Along with a change in the diet and exercise, medications can also help to lower the sugar levels, so regular tracking of the levels is important.

  • Drink Plenty Of Water

Drinking plenty of water is important as excessive thirst is a symptom of type II diabetes. Instead of drinks such as alcohol and fruit juices that satisfies thirst but also adds on with calories, plain water is the best option. The sweetened drinks increase the risk of diabetes and lead to weight gain.

Diabetes is a disorder that leads to other complications, so controlling the disease is a must. Being overweight and diabetic is co-related, so losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight is important. One can follow the tips given above to control the condition but with proper consultation of your expert healthcare professional.

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