4 Foods To Nourish & Protect Your Skin.

Your skin is the exterior replication of your interior health. A fresh, flawless, glowing and clear skin is a symbol of your good health and diet.

If you have pale, oily, scaly or dry skin, that means you are not having  a balanced and healthy diet for your skin. Fortunately, good eating habits and Himalaya personal care products work best for keeping your skin healthy.

So, let’s see the 4 healthy foods that nourish, protect and heal your skin naturally.


  1. Almonds

Add some almonds into your daily diet to keep your skin healthy. It is the best source of Vitamin E which helps to nourish and protect your skin from ultraviolet rays of the  sun.

You can massage your skin with almond oil. It gives you remarkably radiant and glowing complexion. You may also try Nourishing Body Lotion From Himalaya. It penetrates deeply and moisturizes your skin very gently; as a result, you enjoy a soft and supple skin.

download (1)  2. Oranges

Oranges are extremely beneficial to your skin. It contains a high level of Vitamin C that helps to produce, repair and maintain your skin cells. It not only improves the texture and complexion of your skin, but also prevents the signs of early aging.


  1. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are very beneficial for your skin. It contains an extra amount of anti-aging antioxidant—Lycopene that helps to protect your skin from premature aging and the  sun damages.

download (2) 4. Blueberries

It is one of the most important foods for your healthy skin. Blueberries are enriched with vitamin C, a strong antioxidant, quercetin and anthocyanin that help to reduce inflammation in your skin and keep it evenly toned, fresh and radiant.

Try these foods for younger, fresh, radiant and glowing skin. Along with these, try Nourishing Skin Cream from Himalaya.  It is a light and non-greasy product, which provides all-day nourishment and protection to your skin without side-effects if taken as directed.


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