Top 5 Foods To Cleanse Your Blood & Skin

It’s that time of the year again when everyone is up detoxifying their bodies but it shall be a daily process. Yes, this is crucial to note as toxins get stored in our blood daily from varied sources such as foods, pollution and stress.

Detoxification could be stated as the process under which the body neutralizes or shoo away unwanted toxins and it also enhances immune system, improves skin, purifies blood and normalizes healthy changes.
In the context of the same, let’s see best 5 foods to cleanse your blood and skin naturally and without side-effects.


Garlic is a superstar food laced with great health benefits for the human body and one of its being an excellent detoxifier helping the body get rid of the harmful toxins that keeps accumulating on a daily basis as it’s enriched with sulfur.

It activates the liver to produce cleansing enzymes to filer unwanted toxins from your blood. What’s more, garlic also keeps you away from parasites, bad bacteria and viruses.


Cabbage is another great food choice to keep your body cleaned. It is considered a healthy food type for skin cleansing as it’s a great detoxifier that also defuses free radicals based damage.
Cabbages of all types could be taken to not only maintain a good health but even great skin tone.

Green Tea

One of the best foods that one could have is green tea as it helps in blood purification and safeguards skin against sun damage by deactivating free radicals and also keeps down inflammation by altering UV rays. It must also be used as a natural remedy to keep off skin aging and wrinkles.


Carrots are not only good for improving vision but also a liver cleansing protein as it’s laced with vitamins such as A, B6, C and K, potassium and glutathione and must be eaten raw for better detoxifying results.

Leafy Green Veggies

Vegetables, especially leafy greens are nature’s wonders to keep your health in a great manner. You should go for leafy green veggies such as spinach, cabbage and kale and broccoli are powerful antioxidants that aid to cleanse the whole body let alone blood and skin.

Add more leafy green veggies to your daily platter as it’s a great way to improve overall health. They also clean digestive system as they are loaded with fiber, vitamins and minerals and much more to facilitate a greatly managed healthy life.

Thus, try to opt for these easy-to-implement food choices into your life and give your blood and skin a new lease of life. What’s more, you could also opt for Lalima Blood & Skin Purifier, a naturally healthy product to keep blood and skin refreshed and rejuvenated.


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