5 Heart Healthy Foods To Eat Daily

5 Heart Healthy Foods To Eat DailyFirst things first! Given the kind of the lifestyle that we are living which is marked by irregular eating and sleeping patterns, increasingly alarming level of stress, lack of or no exercises and much more, our health prosperity is also going down.

In the same context, out heart is also getting affected due to our flawed lifestyle and that’s where going for some naturally healthy and side-effects free foods can save the heart from various health complications.
Try to eat these foods daily and keep heart health in top form.


These nuts have rich source of cholesterol lowering agents, helping to keep blood pressure down and as a result, do not affect the health of the heart. Have lots of almonds daily and let your heart say ‘thank you’.


An apple a day keeps the doctor away and indeed it does greatly. Try to have at least one apple daily and keep heart issues at bay as it can block LDL (bad cholesterol) oxidation, leaving an 8% drop in the level. Have it with oatmeal, another great heart healthy food.


Beans of all types are good for lowering your cholesterol level and keeping your heart healthy. Go for soybean and others in a weekly rotation and do great to your heart.


Blueberries can also keep cholesterol level down to keep heart diseases at bay from developing naturally as it has an agent called Pterostillbene.


Two-three servings of fatty fish such as Salmon can make LDL go as low as 20%. It also has Omega-3 fatty acids to keep your overall health in a great state. Make away for fish and keep red meat out of your kitchen or have in moderation, if you must eat.

Try to include these foods daily and keep your heart in a great state of health. What’s more, you could also opt for a natural product to keep many heart diseases away sans the issues of side-effects such as Arjuna from Himalaya.


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