Eat These & See Better!

People who are having eyes in good working condition take them for granted. They must go to people who are unable to see and ask about the real value of not having eyes.

Today’s time is marked by endless pollution, stress and other harmful aspects which are sure to affect our vision in due course of time if precautions are not started in time.

Why to wait till medicines are prescribed for affected vision and why not start a natural eating regime that would keep our vision stronger for ages to come.

    • Green Vegetables

All green veggies such as collard greens, spinach, kale and broccoli are easily known to keep away from the loss of vision as they are loaded with the goodness of vitamin B12, C, A and calcium. You must try to eat as many green vegetables in a day and ensure they are not overcooked as it may lead to valuable nutrient loss.

    • Eggs

Kick off your day with an egg or even two to keep your vision going great guns. Eggs have proteins which are beneficial to the lens of the eye. Even the yolk is good as it keeps away from eye diseases when you age.

    • Garlic

Akin to eggs, even garlic aids to protect the lens of the eye and can safeguard it against eye diseases and cataracts as you age. Garlic is a Superfood to lower cholesterol, support a healthy immune system and increased blood flow other than just being good for eye health.

    • Carrots

You must have heard about carrots being great for eye vision since school days right? Why? It has beta-carotene which is great for retina and safeguards against damage from sun. Snack on carrots and have a toned vision gradually.

    • Fish

Fish, in particular Salmon, Tuna and Cod have Omega-3 fatty acids, found in the retina. Omegas are known to improve the brain power, indirectly leading to enhanced vision. Don’t like fish? No problems go for fish oil pills for same results.

What’s more, other than eating these great foods, you could also opt for Ophthacare from Himalaya as it’s a blend of multiple herbs to keep away dirt and dust off eyes and also heals eye irritations and other possible eye disorders.


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