5 Habits That Can Harm Your Teeth

teeth care

Bacteria live in our mouths in the plaque’s form, leading to gingivitis, cavities causing periodontal, meaning, gum disease. If you want your oral health to be intact, you must follow good oral hygiene every single day.
Here are some points about keeping your mouth clean and thus the oral health intact by practicing good habits for dental health and avoiding the following “not so good for oral health habits”.

Brushing Soon After Eating

• Although it is important to brush your teeth twice a day, doing it as soon as you finish eating can cause harm to your teeth thus, when you finish eating, first rinse the mouth with fresh water and start brushing after 30 minutes of rinsing

• Also, consumption of acidic beverages & foods, for example, citrus fruits (lemon, orange and so on), wine, energy & sports drinks, tomatoes etc. can wear down tooth enamel—enamel is that glossy outer coat of your teeth

Not Flossing

• Every day flossing is important as it helps remove bacteria—that cause cavities—left behind from food particles and stuck between your teeth

• However, initially, irritation and sometimes even bleeding can occur. But not to worry, gums get toughen up with time making the oral health even better for it

Not Replacing a Toothbrush

• Old toothbrushes harbor infection causing harmful bacteria

• Old brushes also get ineffective with time

• Thus, you must change your toothbrushes every 3–4 months

• It is also recommended by many professionals to toss your brush that you used while sickness

• Do not use a hard-bristled toothbrush; it might cause an irreversible damage to the gums
Use of Wrong Toothpaste

• It also important to check that if the toothpaste you use is good enough

• Using cheap quality toothpastes can harm your teeth & gums even more and many types of toothpaste contain various chemicals, unnatural flavoring that can be dangerous to your teeth

• Consider using a good quality and herbal toothpaste, such as Complete Care Toothpaste from Himalaya which contains only herbs and natural ingredients

• The Complete Care Toothpaste helps tighten gums and eradicates bad odors easing any gum or oral infections and preventing bleeding

Excessive Teeth Bleaching

• Excessive bleaching of teeth causes teeth to look abnormally white as well as increases sensitivity

• Avoid frequent bleaching and talk to your dentist about how often should you bleach the teeth

Apart from these tips, daily brushing, & flossing; practice regular mouth rinse and it will help increase your mouth’s cleanliness. Also, do not forget to visit your dentist on a regular basis to be updated on your oral health.


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