4 Natural Ways To Detox Your Liver

4 Natural Ways To Detox Your Liver

Liver is the second largest organ in the body and is most important as it performs 400 different functions in the body. The liver filters the every single thing that comes in the body, uses what it requires and removes what is unwanted. So, it is important to keep healthy things to come in the body.

Having the right type and amount of food is the first step to keep your liver healthy and clean, but along with food there are some other ways that can help to keep your liver free from toxins. Here are some natural ways to detox the liver.

  • Flush With Water

Fresh water helps the liver to keep it clean. Water when comes from a healthy source contains natural minerals. Filtration of water is also important that removes the chlorine and carbon particles. Squeezing of lemon to the water also helps to get more clean and alkaline water. Lemon is a rich source of minerals and vitamin C that helps to support the body functions and enhance the process of cleansing and removing out wastes.

  • Include Best Foods In The Diet

High quality foods should be included in the diet to help cleanse the liver. Eating fresh, organic foods such as leafy vegetables that are rich sources of vitamin C, A, chlorophyll and magnesium, with fresh fruits and vegetables is a good thing to do.

Organic fruits and vegetables contain high amount of vitamin C, A and sulfur that helps to boost liver cleaning and detoxification. Kale, Brussels sprouts, collards, squash, onions, garlic and apples are the best foods that need to be included in your daily diet.

  • Right Amount Of Fats

Liver is important for bile production that leads to fat breakdown. So, right type and amount of fat should be included in the diet. Healthy fats such as coconut, chia, almonds, flax and hemp, with sunflower seeds, pumpkin, avocado and olives are the best sources of fat that should be included in the diet.

  • Proper Health Supplements

It is very important that we choose the correct supplements for our health. High-quality selenium and B vitamin supplements are important that helps to metabolize the substances in the body for a healthy liver. Herbs such as artichoke leaf and milk thistle also help to detoxify the liver. Whole foods, B supplements or plant based multivitamin helps to support the liver.

Liver is the most important organ in the body, so keeping it healthy is important. There are natural foods available that help to detoxify the liver, but along with it, natural ways can also help to cleanse the liver.

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