8 Hair Care Tips for Smooth and Shiny Hair

Women’s beauty is often linked to her beautiful hair. Every woman dreams of having beautiful and shiny hair. Some of them naturally have beautiful hair while some strives to get them all life.

Hair Care Tips for Smooth and Shiny Hair

However, getting shiny and silky hair is easy but maintaining them is a difficult task. Let’s find some simple hair care tips for smooth and shiny hair.

1. Eating Healthy & Nutritious Diet

Healthy and nutritious food helps to increase the hair growth. Include healthy foods in the diet such as green vegetables, sprouts, fruits, nuts and milk and milk products. A diet that is healthy helps to prevent hair fall and improve hair growth and texture. Drinking two to three liters of water every day is also important for beautiful hair.

2. Use The Right Product For Your Hair

If you want smooth and shiny hair, buy the right product. Use proper hair oil that helps to retain the moisture such as coconut oil. Avoid using shampoos that contains alcohol in it and use moisturizing shampoos that retain the moisture.

3. Oil Massage

This is a great treatment to get smooth and shiny hair. Oil massage on the head helps to stimulate the natural oils and improve the shine and smoothness of the hair. It also helps to increase the blood circulation and hair growth. Always use warm oil to apply on the hair, if you have the problem of hair fall, use cotton ball dipped in the oil to apply.

4. Combing Your Hair

This is a daily task but doing it in the right way helps in the proper growth of the hair. Give a mild pressure on the comb that will help to increase the blood circulation. If having wet hair, never comb the hair that increases the hair fall. Combing twice daily helps to get long hair and spreads the natural oil from scalp to the tip.

5. Treatment Of Cold Water

Using hot water can take the moisture away from the hair, so rinse them with cold water after it is conditioned and washed. This retains the moisture and provides shiny and smooth hair.

6. Trim Your Hair

Hair trimming is the best for proper hair growth. Trimming after every 4 to 5 months gives good and quality hair.

7. Use The Right Equipment

Many types of equipments that are used for styling the hair involve lot of heat that can damage the hair. So always use good quality equipments.

8. Home Remedies

Many home remedies are also available that helps to condition the hair and provides strong, shiny and smooth hair.

Many natural and simple tips are available to get strong, silky and smooth hair. These techniques also promote hair growth; decrease the hair fall, dryness of hair and dandruff. The Protein Shampoo & Conditioner for Softness & Shiny Hair from Himalaya Herbals provides soft and shiny hair and prevents hair fall and drying of hair.

OnlineHerbs is a safe online portal for herbal medication. It also provides relevant information on simple and natural tips for strong, healthy, soft and shiny hair and more.


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