Causes Of Premature Ageing

antiaging, hide aging, wrinkle less cream, himalaya antiaging cream, herbal products for Skin CareAlthough it is just impossible to look young forever, you can at least develop some good habits that can prevent premature ageing or can delay the ageing process.

Go through these simple yet important skin care tips and prohibit if you are already having any habits that can cause harm and make you look or appear older than you should!

Don’t Be Too Skinny

If you want to be slim-trim, then make sure you maintain a healthy weight; don’t be too skinny. Loss of facial fat can cause droopy and a boney, aged appearance. So be careful about your face, too and again, as said above, maintain a healthy weight; repetitive weight gain–loss and vice versa makes your skin loose.

Following are the foods that will enhance your overall appearance:

  • Lycopene (in pink grapefruits and tomato sauce)
  • Vitamin C containing foods
  • Omega-3 fatty acids containing foods
  • Lips – Avoid Sipping Out Of Straw

Over the long term, compressing the lips to sip anything out of a straw can cause wrinkles and lines around the mouth.

Eyes And The Skin Around It

Tugging, rubbing, and pulling on the delicate skin of the eyes can be the reason for darkness. If you cannot stop rubbing, see a certified allergist for diagnosis.

Hands! — Avoid Soaps

Soaps often contain harsh detergents that strip off the natural oils of the skin making it dry. Although dryness does not cause wrinkles, it definitely makes the wrinkles more noticeable. Wash your hands with a soft hand-wash and the face with a sop-free cleanser and after that, apply a good quality moisturizer to the damp skin.

Also, consider drinking plenty of water; it keeps the body and the skin hydrated and naturally moisturized.


‘Always’ apply a moisturizer or a sunscreen (and don’t forget goggles for eyes) which can protect against UV-A and B rays whenever you go out in the Sun.

A Good Night’s Sleep Is ‘A Must’

A good sleep is essential for the proper body functioning, concentration, complexion, and energy. At night, when you are asleep, your skin goes into a rejuvenation or renewal state—the skin repairs itself; during this process, its pH and circulation varies, too.

Try to follow these tips to get a good and refreshing night’s sleep:

  • A sleep of 7–8 hrs. every night is necessary, so set your bed times accordingly and stick to those fixed bedtimes
  • Make the bedroom quiet, cool, and dark
  • Turn off the TV, laptop, computer etc. at least 1 hour before going to bed as the light from these electronic products can reduce the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone, of your body
  • You can also consider rubbing a good oil on the feet and listening to some relaxing tunes to calm down and settle your mind and the body before going to sleep

Herbals Medications To Prevent Premature Ageing

You can also consider taking some herbal treatment or medicine, such as Amalaki from Himalaya, to prevent the premature ageing process. Amalaki is a fruit, well-known for its numerous medicinal benefits for 3000 years.

Amalaki from Himalaya refreshes the body system and is a natural and rich source of vitamin C and effectively increases the skin health.

So, try to follow these tips and make them your daily habit because having a better-looking and younger skin takes lot of efforts, time and commitment!


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