Miracle Herb Of Aswagnadha For Modern Ailments

For an average individual in the modern world, life is full of challenges. He has to undergo various types of the following stress:

  • Environmental toxins
  • Emotional setbacks
  • Physical trauma
  • Poor nutrition as a result of eating at irregular times and unhealthy foods.

How does Aswagandha help in relieving stress:

All the above stress robs the body of the essential nutrients and leads to oxidation of the cells. Ashwagandha herb also known by the name of Indian Ginseng, winter cherry, & Withania Somnifera is an adoptogenic herb which if consumed regularly enables the body to adapt to mental, physical and emotional stress easily.

Meaning and composition of Ashwagandha:

Ashwagandha in Sanskrit means, the “Smell of horse”. This Indian Ginseng if consumed often is known to impart the same strength, vigor and vitality as that of a horse. Rich in the following chemical compounds, the Ashwagandha herbs is known to help the body cope with both the mental and physical health to face the worldly challenges.

  • Withanolides,
  • Alkaloids,
  • Choline and
  • Fatty acids

Was the benefit of Ashwagandha known in olden times?

The native Africans and Americans are known to have understood the Ashwagandha benefits and used it for treating fever and inflammation. Similarly the ancient Indian Ayurvedic practitioners are known to have done lot of research on the herb of Ashwagandha and used it for treating various ailments.

Aswagandha as a dietary supplement:

In the modern times both the tablets and extract of Ashwagandha are used as a dietary supplement.

Healing benefits of Himalaya Aswagandha:

The healing benefits of the Himalaya Ashwagandha are found to be of great help in treating the following ailments:

  • Known to relieve stress and anxiety
  • Antidepressant
  • Cancer
  • Tuberculosis
  • Swelling (Inflammation)
  • Stress
  • Anti ageing
  • Strengthening immunity
  • Liver problems
  • Increasing Libido

Side effects of Ashwagandha:

Pregnant women are advised against the intake of this herbal remedy of Aswagandha as its use may lead to miscarriage and abortions. Even lactating mothers are advised against using this herbal product.

Though no major side effects are known to affect the person taking this herbal cure, mild and temporary effects have been reported by people taking this natural herbal remedy of Indian Ginseng in the form of drowsiness and vomiting.

Flatulence and stomach discomfort are other uneasiness reported after consumption of this herbal cure.

People with hyper thyroidism are strictly forbidden from using this herbal supplement as chances of developing complications are high in such people.

Seeking medical advice before the use of this product is always warranted.

Few precautions if adhered to, this miracle herb of Ashwagandha can become a wonder drug of the modern man.


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