Natural Herbal Remedy Of Abana From Himalaya For Modern Lifestyle Diseases

Diet, modern hectic lifestyle and its effect on heart, the connection between the three has been a topic of debate for the last few decades. Is there a way to overcome the harmful effect on the heart due to a faulty diet and a hectic lifestyle?

Has modern science helped reduced mortality rate?

Modern science with its tremendous advancement has been able to bring down the mortality rate. This has been mainly possible due to improved antibiotics, better medical facilities and improved sanitation.

Life style diseases- a new age problem:

Though there has been considerable decrease in the number of deaths taking place due to different diseases. A new problem in the form of death due to lifestyle diseases such as obesity, heart attack due to increased cholesterol level and high blood pressure is becoming very common.

This situation has become alarming in developed countries such as U.S. where more than half of all deaths are known to be caused due to stroke and heart problems.

Reasons for death due to lifestyle diseases:

The increased mortality rate in developed and developing countries has been seen mainly due to obesity, sedentary lifestyle, wrong eating habits leading to hypertension and heart diseases especially in the young urban population in the age bracket of 20 to 40.

Death is a natural process one has to undergo in life but dying before time as a result of lifestyle diseases is a serious issue which needs to be addressed.

Is death the only solution for lifestyle diseases?

Agreed, in the modern hectic world, it is difficult to pay attention to one’s diet and health. That does not mean that one pays a price by losing one’s life in the long run. The desire to become fit and healthy at any stage of one’s life is possible by making small changes and it is not all that difficult.

The following small steps if adopted will help anyone to lose weight naturally without much effort:


  • Analyzing one’s diet is the first step towards a healthy lifestyle.
  • Start by assessing each meal of the day from breakfast to dinner.
  • If you have the habit of grabbing any food for breakfast, please take a look and try to bring some discipline in your daily routine.
  • Planning the night before the kind of breakfast you are going to eat the next morning helps in having a nutritious breakfast.
  • It could be something as simple as oats or cereals with freshly chopped fruits and nuts along with fruit juices and milk.
  • Substituting each unhealthy food with a healthy one is not only fun but within a short period of time one can see the benefit of the same in the form of reduction in weight and energetic approach.


  • Doing some form of physical activity everyday for at least 45 minutes should become a way of life.
  • If done early in the morning, one can reap the benefit of exercise to the maximum.
  • For those in the age bracket of 20 to 40, working out in the gym is the ideal way to fight out obesity while for those above 40; just a regular brisk walk for 45 minutes every day is enough to remain fit and healthy.

For those who are very lazy to adhere to a strict regime of diet and exercise, the cardio-protective herbal medicines such as Abana Himalaya herbals for heart care is the solution. This cholesterol control herbal remedies of heart care helps lower blood pressure. This heart tonic when consumed regularly acts as a natural protector of heart health.

One has to pay a price for everything in life, the same applies when it comes to heart and it could be in the form of exercise, diet and herbal remedies or in the form of death. The choice rests entirely on us. Choose wisely!


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