Herbs As A Healer For Maintaining Overall Health

The ancient man knew the benefits of herbs as healer for curing various diseases. This is the reason why he used herbs as food and also for medicinal purpose. Different herbs are rich in a wide variety of photo chemicals, flavanoids, cartenoids and plant sterols. These compounds are highly beneficial in the cure of a variety of diseases.

Use of herbs in cooking:

In some part of the world even today, cooking using herbs is a way of life. They help to add flavor to food and at the same time are also beneficial to health. Even today in countries such as Mexico, using herbs such as Oregano and Basil to enhance the flavor of pasta and bread is in practice.

These herbs not only accentuate the taste of dishes, they also help to make the dishes more attractive along with providing health benefits.

The practice of using turmeric, mint, coriander, and other herbs in cooking has been in vogue in countries such as India since time immemorial.

Turmeric/Halide as a herb:

The cancer fighting property of “Halide” is known to the whole world today. For making this wonder healer herb of’ Curcuma Longa’ available to the people world over , the Himalaya company has made an effort to make available this herb in the form of capsules.

Besides being a cure for cancer, this herb is also found to be effective in the cure of skin diseases, bronchitis and arthritis.

Anyone wishing to avail the same has to just log on to Online Herbs, the one stop store meeting all the herbal needs.

Importance of the herb of Tibullus Terrestris/Gokshura:

Similar other herbs by the name of Tribulus Terrestris /Small caltrops have been used as a tonic in countries such as Greece and China to sustain the functioning of the male reproductive system.

In India, the ancient healers also used this miracle herb of Gokshura for curing all problems related to male infertility.

The effectiveness of this natural herbal remedy in dissolving kidney store and cure of bladder infection cannot be denied.

The fear of side effects being nil, anyone can consume the capsule of Gokshura Himalaya for availing the Gokshura benefits.

Other similar herbs :

Karela, well known by the name of bitter gourd is another herb well known for containing ‘plant insulin’ and hence found effective in the cure of diabetes.

For those staying in countries where it is difficult to grown or get this herbal cure, the ideal option would be to procure Himalaya Karela.

Shigru/horse radish or drumstick is another popular herb known by the botanical name Moringa Oleifera’ whose benefit in curing joint inflammatory disease is well known. Himalaya Shigru with its antioxidant properties has been a popular ayurvedic medicine In India and many other countries.

For anyone who want to turn to nature for getting a cure from various diseases, the answer lies in trying the tried and tested herbal medicines. You can be rest assured that apart from getting a good health, you will also be rid of the side effects.


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