Looking for a Great Rejuvenator-Try the natural herbal cure of Amalaki

Has the stress and strain of the modern world left you drained out? Have you started looking beyond your age?

Is pre mature ageing plaguing you in the prime of your youth?

You could also be anyone suffering from a horde of minor ailments such as respiratory infections, hyper acidity, low immune system and a zapped energy level.

If you are anyone suffering from one or all of the above mentioned problems .Do not feel it is the end of the world. It is high time you started taking the benefit of natural herbal cure of Amalaki.

Amalaki also known as Amla is an herb used since ancient times in India and other eastern countries such as Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Pakistan, and Mascarene Islands as a nature cure for various diseases.

The ‘wonder rasyana ‘of amalaki is famous world over in the name of “Indian Gooseberry Fruit “The botanical name of Amalaki is Emblica officinalis’ .It is a rich source of Vitamin C.

The fruit of Amla is highly nutritious and contains all the six tastes of sweet, sour, bitter, pungent and astringent except salt. This according to Ayurveda is very essential in a balanced diet for attaining the optimum health.

Each and every part of the Amalaki tree has been used since centuries in various Ayurvedic medicines for both health and beauty purpose.

The Sanskrit meaning of Amalaki is ‘The Sustainer’. This nature bestowed fruit nourishes the blood, skin, bones and liver.

The Amalaki benefits were known to Indians since ancient times and it was one of the natural home remedies for curing various disorders and diseases. Its use in various debilitating condition is well known since pre historic times.

According to the modern research the Amalaki herb if consumed regularly helps to cleanse the body of the toxic effects occurring as a result of prolonged exposure to various environmental metals such as nickel, lead and aluminum.

The juice of Amla has twenty times higher Vitamin C than orange juice. The natural cure of Amla has proved very effective in reducing the risk of various chronic disorders because of its anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.

Even though goose berry is grown even in western countries of Europe. The Indian gooseberry is different from its western counterpart in the following ways:

  • The fruits of Indian goose berry grow on trees while the fruits of gooseberry in European countries grow on bushes.
  • The Indian goose berry has one big seed in it while the western gooseberry has small fruits in it.

The Amalaki benefits can be experienced by anyone residing even in the remotest corner of the world just at the click of a button.

A visit to Online Herbs will help you to get the benefits of this rich anti-oxidant and ‘Great Rejuvenator’ called Amalaki from Himalaya.

Be the first one to grab the benefit of this wonder fruit of Amalaki and also spread the awareness among your friends and relatives so that they also attain good health and start thanking you for the same.


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