How To Treat Skin Allergy Using Oral Medication

Are you suffering from skin allergy? You are not alone. Millions all over the world face skin allergies each day and the number is only increasing day by day. In spite of tremendous advancement in the field of medical science, no plausible explanation has been found for the cause of allergy.

Inflammatory skin condition can be effectively treated using the oral medication of Core Satin Non Steroidal Cream. As it is a product made out of natural herbs, this herbal cure promotes the natural healing process of the skin. Hence it is ideal for treating skin allergies occurring due to various reasons.

An individual can face the attack of allergy due to any of the following reasons:

    • Food allergies: Many people experience food allergy when they consume certain foods. Foods such as corn, soy products, peanuts, wheat, dairy products, beer, and fructose and tree nuts are known to cause allergy.

Eating something before leaving the house and avoiding food causing allergies are some of the ways to prevent skin allergies due to food. Before trying dishes knowing the ingredients used in making the same also helps to a certain extent. This is especially beneficial especially when is allergic to certain ingredient.

    • Clothing or Textile allergy: The dyes and colors used to bleach the clothes are also known to cause skin infections and allergies in many people. Synthetic clothing and textile dyes are a leading cause for allergies.

The best way to overcome the same would be by wearing 100% cotton or silk clothes. Even wearing cotton clothes inside the fancy or party wear clothes might help from developing allergies by preventing direct contact with any allergery initiating fabric.

    • Perfumes and Laundry detergents: The harsh chemicals used in the making of these products are known to cause allergies in people with sensitive skin. The best way to prevent skin allergies for such people would be to avoid the use of the same or go for natural herbal products such as dye free detergent.

The bacterial and fungal infection along with scaling of the skin can be effectively treated with the ayurvedic oral medication of Core Satin Non Steroidal cream.

  • Psoriasis, eczema and other skin diseases: No concrete explanations have been found for the occurrence of skin disorder such as Psoriasis. The genetic disease of eczema and psoriasis can cause not only physiological damage but psychological trauma to the person undergoing the same.

The Ayurvedic medicine of Core Satin containing vitamins and natural oils obtained from the natural herbal extract has been known to cure both pustular and non pustular psoriasis, eczema and other skin diseases.

Regular application of this natural herbal remedy as per the guidance of a physician and as per the instructions given on the pack is all that is required to be done by the person using the same.

With no known side effects, this herbal medicine is extremely safe to use. In case of extreme hyper sensitivity a person may at times experience the following symptoms In such situations, seeking the advice of a medical practitioner would be the right way to handle the problem.

• Any sort of physical discomfort.
• Swelling in any area of the body.
• Tightness in chest area
• Any type of skin rash
• Hives
• Breathing difficulty and problem in swallowing.

Avoiding the use of any product blindly without going for a patch test especially in case of cosmetics should be ensured at all times. Waiting for a period of 1 to 3 days to see the adverse reaction such as itching, swelling or redness of the product should be practiced at all times.

With certain precautions and the herbal remedy of core satin, treating skin disorders of any type is not at all a great deal in the modern times.


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