How To Cope With Stress Using Natural Herbs?

Has hectic modern life style ruined your health? Are you feeling low in energy, physically weak and irritated? You could be experiencing stress.

Modern life and stress:

Do not ignore stress; it could take a toll on your health. In this modern hectic lifestyle of long hours at work, little time for family ,bills to pay, unhealthy eating habits, and rushed daily routines, stress has become an integral part of our life which cannot be overlooked.

Has technology increased or decreased stress in our lives?

Many may argue that technology has provided us with more leisure but on the contrary the modern man is more stressed out as compared to his earlier generation. Stress whether we like it or not has ascertained its place in our lives.

Unless we wake up and take control of the situation, stress can cause havoc in our lives. Right from stomach ache, headache, anger, anxiety, crying and depression, stress can cause mental, physical and emotional disturbance in an individual.

Can stressed be cured using natural herbs?

Of course. Stress can be healed naturally. “Health is wealth” The ancient ayurvedic practitioners knew the secret to this.

Nature has endowed us with many herbs such as Abhrak bhasma,Arjuna ,Ashvagandha ,Bhringaraja Biranjasipha ,Chyavanaprash ,Daruharidra ,Ela ,Haridra ,Haritaki ,Himsra ,Jatipatri ,Jatiphalam ,Jhavuka ,Jyotishmati ,Kakamachi ,Kapikachchu ,Kasamarda ,Kasani ,Kumkuma ,Lavanga Loha bhasm,Mandukaparni ,Mandura bhasma,Musali ,Pippali ,Shatavari ,Shilajeet ,
Udakiryaka,Vasaka ,Vriddadaru ,Yashada bhasma,Yashtimadhu ,Yavani , which act as stress busters.

Geriforte for stress made using natural herbs:

For the benefit of the modern man, Geriforte from Himalaya has been made using all the above mentioned herbs.

This natural herbal remedy of Geriforte being rich in antioxidant helps overcome stress by reducing anxiety and fatigue. It acts as a nervous stimulator by improving the circulatory and respiratory functions in the body.

During post operative and convalescence period, the herbal supplement of Geriforte is considered as an excellent adjuvant as it helps fight infections and improves the immune system .

Even for age related disorder, this ayurvedic medicine is considered as effective as it improves stamina and enhances overall performance of the body.

There are many other natural ways available for overcoming stress. Listed below are few of the natural methods which can be adopted to deal with stress:

  • Exercising regularly helps to increase the endorphin levels in the body. One of the best ways to overcome stress is by setting aside certain time for work out.
  • Meditation is a great way to reduce stress. Closing one’s eyes and keeping the mind without thinking anything helps to normalize the breathing . If practiced early in the morning, this will help to face and overcome the everyday stress with ease.
  • Improvising the breathing techniques. Learning to breathe deeply and effectively is a wonderful way to counter the stress. Many breathing techniques practiced in yoga help an individual to expel toxins from the body and inhale more oxygen. Thus in turn helps combat stress.
  • Lifestyle changes such as healthy eating habits comprising of fruits vegetables, omega 3 fatty acids rich food, antioxidant rich flax seeds, going to bed early, rising early, organizing the daily routine all help in reducing stress in our daily life. Small subtle changes if made in the daily routine will become a habit in the end.

Avoiding liquor, tea and coffee, going for long walks if incorporated in the daily routine will help reduce stress greatly. In case you experience stress even after adopting such a life style, the best way to overcome the same is by visiting a medical practitioner. Certain tests when done will help identify the underlying cause for stress. Start today, the sooner the better.


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