Shigru The Natural Healing Herb for Treating Joint Pain And Aches

One of the common health issues faced by millions of people world over is that of joint pains and aches. This could be in the form of pain in the knee or twinge in the elbow. With nearly 50 million Americans alone estimated to be suffering from joint aches and pains, this problem is known to be growing at an alarming rate.


Life for a person experiencing joint pain can be quite frustrating and difficult. Even the daily activities such as walking and performing routine activities can become a hurdle. The reasons for inflamed  joint pains and aches could range from any of the following:

  • Aging
  • Excessive medication
  • Auto immune disorder attacking joints and tissues.

The side effect of the modern medicine has made many people turn towards alternative treatments for treating joint pains. Herbs, herbal medicine and herbal supplement are found to be equally effective in the treatment of stiff and swollen joints including arthritis. Shigru from Himalaya is an excellent Ayurvedic medicine found to be effective in the cure of joint pains including arthritis.

What causes joint pain?

Joints are the link between two bones. They aid in bending of the elbows, knees, turning of head, bending, shaking hips and twisting fingers. The tissue of cartilage and synovium along with the synovial fluid provides cushion to the joints to prevent them from rubbing together.

The tissue of cartilage is prone to wear and tear due to aging, wrong sitting postures and overweight. The joint pain is known to occur due to the damage caused to the cartilage and joints.

Modern lifestyle being hectic, the number of people becoming couch potatoes and computer addicts is increasing day by day with hardly anyone wanting to get up and even walk.

The convenience of the modern lifestyle in the form of lifts has made people lazy to even take the stairs. In such situations, the number of people suffering from joint pains is only bound to increase.

This is where the natural herbal remedy of Shigru with the botanical name of Moringa Oleifera’ has proved to be a boon.

How to overcome the joint Pain?

The most tried and tested way for overcoming joint pain is to adopt  the following measures:

  • Doing weight bearing exercise to strengthen bones, ligaments and muscles.
  • Making exercise a part of the daily routine.
  • Keeping weight under check by having a controlled diet.

These above mentioned measures will go a long way in fighting arthritis and joint pain. Exercise if made a daily routine helps to lose the extra inches and maintain an ideal weight. Certain  weight bearing exercises such as swimming, bicycling  and aerobics are considered excellent for reducing joint aches and  increasing the  heart rate

The natural herbal cure of Shigru for joint pain is known to be a powerful anti-oxidant. With the properties of anti-oxidant, anti-spasmodic and anti-arthritic, the seeds of the ayurvedic herb of Shigru has been used for treating various types of Arthritis since ancient times.

Along with being an excellent Ayurvedic cure for treating Arthritis, this herbal medicine of Shigru is also known to have immune boosting properties. Being diuretic, it is known to be a perfect cure for edema.

The herb of Shigru also known as “Horse radish and drumstick” is rich in vitamin A and hence its effectiveness in treating blindness is well known. The fat soluble vitamins in this ayurvedic herb of Shigru are known to help reduce obesity.

The ayurvedic medicine of Shigru provides benefits to the modern man in multiple ways. Even the seeds, fruits, flowers of Shigru being rich in vitamins and minerals act as anti-bacterial anti-choleric and anti-viral.

With such an array of benefits the Himalaya Shigru, can be rightfully called as the perfect ancient medicine for treating   the modern disease of inflamed joints.


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