Have You Heard These Skin Care Myths?

Skin care is quite fiddly as there are different skin types and one solution doesn’t work same for all. And many of you can often become a victim of skin care propaganda or old-wives’ tales. Let’s take a look at some of the myths which have misinformed you about your skin care

anti aging

Myth #1: Skin or face gets clean when washed with hot water.

No, skin doesn’t get clean if washed with hot water rather if your skin is sensitive, it will become red, itchy and irritation can also occur. It doesn’t mean that hot water works for those with normal skin. Because for them hot water can dry out facial skin which can lead to further skin issues ranging from redness, flaky skin to zits and acne.

Mild-warm or room temperature water, on the other hand, does great job without causing any irritation and curbing the risk of skin problems.

Myth #2: Oil is bad for your skin.

In fact, many vegetable oils are very good option to moisturize your skin. Try washing your skin with coconut oil, olive oil or sesame oil or spreading oil on face after a shower for few days and you will observe that skin evens out and gets moisturized with naturally. Whether your skin is oily or dry, you will see positive results.

Myth #3: Scrubbing with chemical-packed scrubs does great for your skin.

Scrubbing with artificial scrubs which are full of toxins and chemicals is harsh for almost all skin types. Instead, try exfoliating with natural scrubs in the form of fruits for which fresh mango, fresh pineapple chunks or mashed strawberries will just do fine.

Myth #4: What you eat doesn’t matter when you are using bucket of skin products.

Here, you must recollect popular saying ‘you are what you eat’. A healthy and balanced diet comprising of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, dairy and enough water followed with healthy lifestyle will make your skin strikingly radiant more than artificial beauty products.

Busting these myths will add more light on your skin care activity. Well, it doesn’t indicate that you have to avoid using natural beauty products. Rather they offer a perfect and side-effect free assistance for your skin problems.

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