Start looking slimmer with these smart cues

I personally find the stigma attached to dieting funny. It seems all sorted out to mislead people to cut down on their eating and keep on working out. It sure is ridiculous. The true statement and message to people should be to tell them to eat healthy and work out all in a sorted routine.

When people starve to death to reduce weight, it kind of calls for more health issues and in some situations, people tend to put on more weight. That is simply not safe.

In this kind of situation, only you alone and your motivation will be the greatest help. After you are completely at ease with yourself, you can take these smart cues for looking your slimmest best.

Start your day with a warm glass of water preferably mixed with honey or lemon. This will help flush away all your toxins and bring about a fair amount of glow on your face. Or you can opt for green tea also as it helps in controlling metabolism and hence helping in reducing weight.

For breakfast, it is suggested to have a simple meal of oats, or simply to have a dosa or idli as they are a good basis of proteins and a good programmer in reducing weight as well.

You may not rush into the new diet plan or routine. Start seeping it in slowly for some few days and then go for the full on routine when your body feels ready for it. You can treat yourself with rice and chapatti in the initial days when you start feeling hungry.

Slowly after that, you can interchange the rice by using wheat rice. You can reduce your chapatti intake into one. Veggies should be included in your diet daily even you are left off with the most form of the figure. And I need not explain why.

In the evenings, you can opt for fruits and nuts. They are of course really healthy and will suffice as well as curb your hunger.

For dinner, you can treat yourself to some soup, chicken or fish excluding the rice. And getting the right hours of sleep is essential.

And you have to do your homework of working out right. Going for brisk walks in the morning hours helps. Drink lots of water throughout the day. It sounds cliché but that’s the ultimate key.

You can also take help of natural herbs as a smart cue to look slimmer as they are almost with no side effect. Green tea is the first choice for many and it really works. Another herbal preparation AyurSlim from Himalaya also do wonder as a natural weight loss remedy. You can visit online herbs to know more about this herbal supplement and buy it online.

Whatever health issues you have depends on how you look at it and deal with it. So start accepting your limitations and do not impose so heavily on yourself. Just live a healthy lifestyle and with these simple attainable tips, you will be looking at a newer you within no time.


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