Peerless Liver Care Herbal Supplement- Liv.52

The body organ performing more than 300 functions should be cherished by taking its proper care. Yes, liver health is very imperative for a longtime fitness and well-being. Wholesome diet and regular physical activity will always top the list of natural ways to keep illnesses at bay but for lazy guys there should be something more, right? Not to worry, herbs are there!

Extracts of natural herbs offers a safe way of healing and shifting to natural approaches such as herbalism is a perfect way to avoid side-effects. Liv.52 from Himalaya is one of the renowned herbal products and an unequaled medicine for a liver care.

It is prepared with a bounty of Ayurvedic herbs that includes Himsra, Kasani, Kakamachi, Arjuna, Kasamarda, Biranjasipha and more. These natural ingredients exhibit hepato-protective property by regulating liver enzymes and improving liver efficiency.

How Liv52 Helps In Liver Care?

It protects hepatic parenchyma and endorses regeneration of liver cell. Liv.52 protects against chemically induced liver toxicity with its compelling liver protective abilities. It effectively cures hangover and liver damage caused due to the same by eliminating toxic alcohol metabolites like acetaldehyde from the body. This herb also precludes fatty infiltration of the liver which commonly occurs in chronic alcoholism.

Liv52 stops the progression of cirrhosis which is mainly caused due to binge drinking and prevents the further liver damage.

Infective hepatitis can be recovered with Liv52’s wonderful properties. It stimulates the activity of peroxidase enzymes that are involved in giving cell-membrane integrity. It regulates enzyme cytochrome P-450 which is involved in the breakdown of organic compounds. All these ensure the early recovery of hepatic cells.

It’s a best herbal supplement that can be taken on daily basis to improve appetite. Pregnant ladies are also benefited with the problem of loss of appetite. It is helpful in eating disorders like anorexia.

Thus, Liv.52 is a peerless liver care herbal supplement but consult with a qualified health care provider prior to its use.

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One thought on “Peerless Liver Care Herbal Supplement- Liv.52

  1. uday says:

    live52 niec liver tonic remov liver fingshan, gastric problam
    deit improv, malriya madisin liver demag, fevar, after, live 52 niec liver tonic

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