Overindulged Alcohol? Cure Hangover With Home Remedies

Planning for summer night party with those rum and whisky? But what if you overindulge these alcoholic drinks to the point of intoxication and hangover? Will you be able to go for trekking which is planned on next day? Yes, you can. It’s possible with these alcohol hangover home remedies.

Though you would be aware that you should drink in moderation, going frenzied is sometimes possible when there are celebrations going on and that’s where these remedies will help you. Though these remedies may or may not give complete hangover cure, they will ease the symptoms such as dizziness, splitting headache, dehydration and sickness.

What helps relieve hangover symptoms?

  • Dehydration caused due to hangovers is most discomforting and makes you dizzy. Drink enough water and get hydrated. You can have fruit juices and sport drinks such as Gatorade which will help you feel better and less miserable. 
  • Eggs have cysteine protein which breaks down compound acetaldehyde (a metabolite of alcohol) in the body. So, eating eggs in the next morning will help you remove toxic metabolites which causes hangover.
  • Alcohol reduces the level of electrolyte; potassium in the body and causes ill health effects. Eating potassium rich foods such as banana will help replenish lost potassium.
  • Greasy food such as bacon may also ease hangover agony.
  • Painkillers such as ibuprofen and aspirin relieve hangover headache and pain. But don’t take them if you have nausea or abdominal pain.  
  • Bouillon soup is another good option when don’t want to eat anything heavy. It will reload lost potassium due to binge drinking.
  • A little exercise, if you can manage it, can also help you feel better.
  • Sleep deprivation makes the hangover symptoms worse. Sleeping enough will be good for your aching body and foggy brain.

You should stay away from trying traditional hangover remedies such as black coffee, Tylenol, burnt toast and hair of the dog as they may do little or no help. Try to drink in moderation as far as possible.

At the end, I would just say it’s the matter of time which is a surefire cure for hangover.  


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