Some good foods to opt as natural remedies for cold & flu

Cold and flu are the simplest and yet common and frequent reason for many more people to bunk office and classes at schools and colleges. Most of the people suffering from cold and flu have less resistance power to ward off these common disease types and if not treated well, could pose problems galore.

The Less resistance against cold and flu here means nothing but a weak immunity system. One mostly takes over-the-counter medicines to cure colds and flu but they may not be sure shot option in the long term as side-effects may crop up. That’s where going for some food based natural remedies for cold & flu could be taken as a perfect way to eliminate the chaos of cold & flu.

Some foods as natural remedies for cold and flu

Simply take up the below listed food based natural remedies for cold & flu and quickly show the door to cold and flu the tasty way.

  • Chicken soup – Chicken soup is called nature’s penicillin and it could be opted for various types of diseases with great curative power. Take up hot Chicken soups and quickly clear clogged or blocked airways with the nourishing broth shall give you a quick energy. Add more vegetables, onions, garlic and you have just made it more powerful
  • Hot and spicy food– Chilies, garlic horseradish and spicy sauces are meant to remove congestion due to cold & flu
  • Garlic – Garlic is a top food type to consider always for many ailments and cold & flu is yet another ailment type to be kicked away with garlic intake
  • Fluid intake – You also need to increase your fluid intake instead of coffee, carbonated or sweetened drinks and have pure fruit juices and water and even hot drinks could be taken
  • Citrus fruits – As cold and flu happen due to a lack of vitamin C, increasing citrus fruits such as oranges, lemon and grape could be a better natural remedies for cold & flu to say goodbye to cold & flu

Start taking these simple and yet economical and side-effect free Vasaka From Himalaya  and keep all blues of cold & flu away. Happy Healing!!


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