Best foods to take as natural remedies for indigestion

Indigestion is a health condition under which a person is unable to digest foods that is facilitated along with the discomfort in the abdomen or upper belly right after a person has eaten or during the process of eating.

A symptom of indigestion may include feeling of heat, pain or burning between the navel and breastbone’s lower part and also the pain and unusual feeling of fullness that makes a person develop a fear of food and also anxiety as soon as the eating begins or when it is over. Nausea and bloating could also occur.

Most of the people take up normal over-the-counter medicines but as they could be also with side-effects taking up any food type alone could act as natural remedies for indigestion to cure the condition in no time.

Some better foods as natural remedies for indigestion

Some of the foods as natural remedies for indigestion that could do wonders in healing the condition of indigestion could be summed up as under.

  • Fiber- A fiber rich diet could ease the complications of indigestion the easy way. Fiber is the most effective nutrients that help your digestive system work fluently. Having a fiber rich diet could mean the end of all types of indigestion related chaos. Fruits and vegetables would help one live in a sense of easiness. Sweet potatoes, celery and apples and similar food types shall soothe the problem of indigestion
  • Spicy foods- Now this is a bit unusual choice! Yes, spicy foods are not actually meant to be given to a person having indigestion issues but giving a mildly spicy food before a meal could actually stimulate the stomach to make more acid. Thus, when the actual eating takes place, the food is easily broken in the stomach, easing the process of digestion.
  • Yoghurt- Yoghurt could be classified as one of the most beneficial food ever discovered for the well-being of not only the stomach but also overall. It has active cultures that aid the enzymes in your stomach to break down food faster than ever. Taking a probiotic supplement could be relied upon to have the same effects if one does not have a personal liking towards yoghurt. Yoghurt has been rightly classified as one of the best natural remedies for indigestion and many more health issues to heal in a jiffy.
  • Drinking hot drinks and water- Water is required by the body to function effortlessly as it helps in various activities including the digestion part as well. Taking 8-10 glasses of water would mean a better ‘you’ in no time. Hot drinks such as tea and coffee after being taken after a big meal could ease the process of digestion. Thus, when you eat your heart out, make sure you drink a hot drink after it. If you’re eating habit does not allow you to have hot drinks after a meal, take up peppermint or even buttermilk could be a better option.

These are some of the best placed food type in the form of natural remedies for indigestion that must be followed even if one is not having indigestion issues to keep feeling light and raring to go for all activities of life. Best of luck in your endeavor to kick off indigestion!!


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