Speman from Himalaya can give hope to childless couples by increasing sperm count

Impotency is a big issue for many couples nowadays because of lifestyle changes. There are so many reasons to cause Impotency such as stress, medication, genetic problem or any injury, but one of the prompt reasons is low sperm count. Speman from Himalaya is an Ayurvedic herbal remedy for treatment of Impotency due to low sperm count.

Low sperm count is referred as fluid ejaculated during orgasm contains a low sperm count as compare to normal. This situation is also called as oligospermia. Low sperm count in semen reduces chances to fertilize your partner’s egg, result in unable to become parents or impotency.

This situation can be easily overcome by taking medicine which helps to increase sperm count. So many synthetic medicines are available in medical store but Speman from Himalaya is different and special product. It is a mixture of herbs which maintains reproductive health.

Speman from Himalaya promotes the process of spermatogenesis (the process of sperm formation) by improving testosterone levels in men due to oligospermia (low sperm count). It further improves sperm motility and quality of sperm by increasing productivity of basophil cells in the pituitary that secrete LH-FSH.

Speman from Himalaya is strong antioxidant due to its natural herbal combination. This prevents the oxidative damage of sperms helps to maintain healthy sperm count in men. The reproductive health is protected due to antioxidant effects.

Besides this Speman from Himalaya also helps in penile erection. It improves blood supply in the penis which helps for proper erection and excitation. It improves sexual desire and stamina.

It contains herbs which has aphrodisiac properties such as Small Caltrops (Gokshura), Cowhage/Velvet Bean (Kapikachchu) and Hygrophilia (Kokilaksha). Kapikachchu is well known herb for treatment of low sperm count, Gokshura is improves penile erection and increases testosterone production and increases sexual desire.

Speman from Himalaya is a magical product for couples who are not able to become parents. It has created hopes for them and different research groups have proven its effectiveness.


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