Learn about Gokshura herbs and its health benefits

Gokshura is a well-known Ayurvedic herb widely used to treat various diseases such as dysuria, gonorrhea, kidney and bladder stones, rheumatism, sciatica, nephritis, edema, dyspnea, hemorrhoids, incontinence of urine, diabetes and cough. It is also known as “Puncture Vine”.

Gokshura is available as supplements commonly preferred by athletes and men to increase stamina and sexual performance. It’s also useful in the treatment of impotency, it improves blood flow towards penis for better erection and increases sperm count also.

Chemicals Constituents:

From phytochemical estimation it was found that Gokshura contains various chemicals such as Hexadecadienoic acid, ethyl ester, phytol, Octadecanoic acid, 1,2-Benzenedicarboxylic acid, disooctyl ester and α-Amyrin.

Health Benefits:

Besides the sexual benefit Gokshura from Himalaya also has other health benefits to other disease condition. These are as follows.


Gokshura has activity to control blood pressure in a dose dependent manner. Extracts are generally used for this purpose. It also has vasodilator effects beneficial for lowering blood pressure.

Aphrodisiac property:

Gokshura improves sexual desire and sexual performance. It also increases sperm count and sperm motility useful to treat impotency in men. It helps to produce male sex hormone Testosterone which boosts sexual performance. This is also helpful to treat premature ejaculation.


During the animal study the saponin extracts of Gokshura have shown that they can effectively reduce serum glucose to normal level. The same effect can be achieved in human also.

Antimicrobial activity:

The extracts of Gokshura have been shown good antimicrobial activity against bacteria and fungus. This highly effective against fungal strain C. Albicans.

Gall bladder & Urinary disorder:

The bark has astringent, tonic and anthelmintic properties. This is a well-known herb for urinary problems and gallbladder problems. It treats urinary tract problems by increasing flow of urine, cools and soothes the membranes of the urinary tract and helps remove stones. It nourishes the urinary system to work better.


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