Anti-Hair Loss Cream from Himalaya promises guaranteed hair growth

Anti-Hair Loss Cream from Himalaya is a combination of herbs which prevents hair loss and promotes hair regrowth. This is an herbal formulation researched and developed by hair experts of the Himalaya research team.

Hair loss or alopecia is a common issue in males as well as female but male are more prone to this problem. The cause of hair loss may be genetic, immunity problem, skin problem, age, radiation exposure or chemotherapy.

Key ingredients:

It contains Butea Gum Tree and Climbing Butea. Both these effectively promote hair growth and reduce hair loss.

Research Findings:

Till date 5 clinical trials have been conducted to prove the effectiveness of Anti-Hair Loss Cream from Himalaya and the results have been very impressive. It reduces hair fall and promotes regrowth of hair. Besides this it also reduces hair loss related symptoms such as itching, dryness and redness of the scalp. It has no any side effects so you can use it for short term or long term.

Anti-Hair Loss Cream from Himalaya prevents the apoptosis of hair follicles and promotes hair regeneration. It also increases hair density, improves tensile strength, promotes multiplication of hair fiber cells and increases tensile strength of hair.

Anti-Hair Loss Cream benefits:

  • It stimulates the Anagenic (Active) phase of hair growth cycle
  • It induces quick multiplication of hair fibre cells
  • It improves tensile strength of hair and increases hair density

How to use Anti-Hair Loss Cream:

Using your fingerprint gently apply this cream to your scalp and massage it for some time. Cover the entire scalp, part by part. For best results, leave it on overnight. Wash your scalp next morning. Use daily but if you have a severe hair loss problem you can use twice daily.

Note: Hair Loss Cream does not work in cases of Male Pattern Baldness (baldness due to genetic reasons).


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