Confido is effective medicine for treatment of male sexual disorders

Confido is effective medicine for treatment of male sexual disorders

Himalaya Confido is well known medicine for the treatment of male sexual disorders such as Premature ejaculation. Confido from Himalaya online is one of the finest products from Himalaya, a largest and oldest Ayurvedic company from India. Confido was formerly known as Speman forte.

Premature ejaculation is a very common sexual condition found in almost in every man during their lifetime. Premature ejaculation is when orgasm happens sooner during sexual intercourse. Every man and his partner may have different expectation about sexual intercourse duration if it is less than as expected premature ejaculation may be reported. This may be caused by anxiety and too much stimulation.

Confido from Himalaya is non-hormonal herbal remedy acts on the higher centers of emotions in the brain and on male genital organs directly or indirectly. It helps to relieve anxiety and regulates the process of ejaculation.

How Confido works?

Imbalance of Testosterone levels may cause sexual problems. Confido has androgenic property so it increases sperm count and Testosterone levels in men. By acting through the Neuro-endocrine pathway, it also regulates the ejaculation process. This also improves sexual desire and manages anxiety related to sexual performance. Overall it helps to increase sexual performance better for men.

Confido comes in tablet form and it is recommended to take 1 tablet twice daily for 2-4 weeks. Each tablet contains various herbs such as Salabmisri, Hygrophila, Lettuce, Kapikachchhu, Suvarnavang, Sarpagandha, Elephant Creeper, Small Caltrops, Jeevanti, Stone Flowers etc.

Various clinical studies have been done to check the efficiency of Confido formula and they concluded that this is a very effective herbal remedy to treat premature ejaculation. No any side effects have been reported till date so it is known as a safe medication.

You can buy it now from an online store for all Best herbal products from all leading Ayurvedic and herbal manufactures. So don’t wait and avail the benefits of Confido.


4 thoughts on “Confido is effective medicine for treatment of male sexual disorders

  1. Mukul Debnath says:

    Is confido helpful to any kind of sexual disease such as nightfall,weakness in sex and other disorder ?

  2. Yash says:

    Hello sir. Will u tell me sir how is confido helps for sexual desire

  3. Ashraf Hussain says:

    Am not feeling sex but any times spam following day am ride bike this time

  4. vikas says:

    I have a sex problem no effet for sex & quick discharge problem .
    I have read for tentex forte or confido.medician when Ican take this medician .
    Is this medician use full for me or no plz help me .

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