V-gel: An excellent Ayurvedic Medicine for Women

V-gel: An excellent Ayurvedic medicine for women

Menopause makes big change in woman’s life after age of 45-50 or sometime later ages. During those days women may experience some physical problems such as itching, dryness and a lot of discomfort. Due to certain reasons vaginitis or swelling of the vagina may happen or microbial flora may get imbalanced. To get relief from these symptoms Himalaya has invented the product V-Gel.

V-Gel is an Ayurvedic herbal vaginal problems such as itching and swelling which helps to relief from occasional itching, swelling and dryness of the vagina. V-Gel also helps to maintain the pH levels in the body. It supports to balance the normal level of microbial level of flora in the vagina. V-Gel also has demulcent property that soothes the inflamed vagina and cervix.

V-Gel is mixture of effective natural herbs such as Triphala, Terminalia bellirica, Cardamom, Persian Rose, Spreading Hogweed, Stone Flowers, Nirgundi, Turmeric, Mendika, Shatapushpa, Nimba, Devadaru, Zanduga and Kamala. All these have anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties beneficial for treatment of vaginitis and cervicitis. It also prevents recurrent infections and stops vaginal discharge very effectively.

When you can use V-Gel:

You can use V-Gel if you have one of the symptoms from below.

  • Vaginal Candidiasis,
  • Vaginal trichomoniasis,
  • Nonspecific bacterial vaginitis,
  • post-operative vaginal infections,
  • Cervicitis,
  • Vaginitis,
  • Leukorrhea.

How safe is V-Gel?

V-Gel is considered as a safe product for women. It has no any side effects. Generally it is recommended to use in the first trimester of pregnancy and just before the birth. This is an odorless product do not contain flavors. It is non-contraceptive method and can be used with condoms also. For application instructions please consult with your physician.

How to buy V-Gel?

You can buy V-Gel from Himalaya . This is an online store that has kind of herbal products for every age of men and women. Hurry up buy it from www.onlineherbs.com and avail the natural benefits of V-Gel.


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