Health benefits of Kapikachhu herb for men

Kapikahhu herb is also known as Cowitch, Cowhage, ‘Mucuna Pruriens’, and Velvet Bean. Kapikahhu is known for their aphrodisiac property as it is known to increase the sperm count and to increase testosterone levels in the body. This is used in many dietary supplements. This herb is also used by athletes because it helps the body build lean muscle and to break down surplus fat. Due to its body building properties this is also used by body builders, sports persons and athletes as sports medicine for increasing body performance.

The active compound of Kapikahhu is L-Dopa which is beneficial for regulation of growth hormone. This helps in the regeneration of tissues and production and release of other hormones such as testosterone. All these activities promote overall physical health, increase in energy level and gain in lean muscle mass. Because of L-Dopa properties, this herb increase overall reproductive health and libido. This also helps in controlling cholesterol level and burns fat from fat cells.

Kapikahhu is known for its aphrodisiac properties but it also helps men who are facing premature ejaculation problem. It increases the duration of intimacy and extends time of ejaculation. This cure low libido problem also and due to this Kapikahhu is proved to best remedy for men.

Kapikahhu also beneficial to infertility problems in male. Infertility due to low sperm count may be cured by taking supplements of Kapikahhu herb. The alkaloids found in this plant are responsible for this activity.

Kapikahhu also beneficial to increase immunity power. The L-Dopa activity is beneficial to treat Parkinson’s disease. Seed powder of this plant is used to treat depression and Parkinson’s disease.

Kapikahhu herb is also found to be effective for proper functioning of the brain. It improves mental health, reduces stress and anxiety.

In Ayurveda herbal remedy, Kapikahhu is used to treat many other disease conditions such as dysentery, tuberculosis, diarrhea, diabetes etc.


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