Diabetes can be controlled by Meshashringi supplement

Diabetes is one of the slow killer disorder becoming more prevalent global. Diabetes is known for an elevated blood sugar level due to insufficient levels of Insulin. Insulin level may be low and sugar level may be high because of many factors and till date no single medication is available to cure diabetes. Medicines control blood sugar level to normal level. Meshashringi is one of the natural remedy from them which successfully keep sugar level to normal level.

Meshashringi is a pure herbal extract of Gymnema Sylvestre. Also known as gurmar or periploca of the woods. Meshashringi is popular remedy known for anti-diabetic properties. It helps to lower excessive blood sugar. Regenerative effect on pancreatic beta cells and insulinotropic activity of Meshashringi makes it more powerful anti-diabetic remedy. Regenerative effect means it stimulates the production and activity of insulin.

Meshashringihelps to decrease the craving for sugar. Fresh leaves have ability to numb the taste buds to the sense of sweet or bitter, this temporarily abolishes the taste of sugar which helps to lower sugar level. Because of this sugar-destroying property, it is widely known as a “sugar destroyer”.

This all activities are due to presence of a key component of this plant Gymnema acid. Still lot of research is going on to prove effectiveness of this remedy.

Benefits of Meshashringi:

Meshashringi has been used since ancient times for multiple health benefits. These are as follows

  • Lower LDL (bad) cholesterol.
  • Improve digestion, resolve constipations.
  • Cut appetite
  • Allergies,
  • Urinary tract infections,
  • Anemia, hyperactivity,
  • Weight control.
  • Enhances the functioning of the liver.

Meshashringi is used to treat both type of diabetes e.g. Type 1 and type 2 diabetes. It helps to maintain blood sugar level to normal level as well as normal cholesterol level. It also has no any side effects hence safe to use for long term which is beneficial to a diabetes patient. Because of this all properties Meshashringi is getting more and more popular.



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