Great natural remedies for cold and flu

Great natural remedies for cold and flu

Cold and flu are some of the common ailments to occur but keeps people in a nasty mood. This is mainly because of the fact that common cold and flu does not let people stay in peace with irritation being the first thing that comes attached to it as a problematic factor.

Vasaka From Himalaya

While when a condition called cold and flu strikes a person, he/she simply go to an over-the-counter store and pick up prescribed medications to ease it. However, given the fact that most of the commonly available medications may be having some agents that may spark off side-effects which may make a normal ailment in cold and flu to become worse.

And that’s where taking some simple yet powerful natural remedies for cold and flu may be taken to heal the issue without any blemishes of side-effects.

Some great natural remedies for cold and flu

  • Blow your nose the right way- it would be good to blow your nose quite often when running a cold than taking mucus back in your head. Don’t put too much pressure as it can spark off an earache
  • Rest, rest and rest- Resting are the other thing that must be done as the body requires energy towards the immune fighting. This may tax you up so help it up by lying quietly under a blanket
  • Gargle- Start gargling with warm water and salt mixed in it as many times as you want. This would reduce the tickle or that irritating itching in your throat easily and help you feel relaxed.
  • Hot liquids as your friend- Reduce nasal congestion and prevent dehydration and also set up the inflamed membranes lining your nose and throat with the help taking hot liquids. Tea, coffee, soup, vegetable and meat stew or soup would be perfect choices to make.
  • Extra pillow under your head while sleeping- Try to keep an extra pillow under your head while sleeping to ease the nasal congestion

Start implementing these easy-to-use, effective and cheap natural remedies for cold and flu and bid a final goodbye to them in a side-effects free manner. Best of luck!


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