Some effective natural remedies for cough relief

Coughing is no funny business and could make you quite insane at times. Cough should and must be curbed as soon as possible because this is not at all a condition that would let you live in peace. Of course, common medications are available at various over-the-counter medical/pharmacy stores, but they do not come without their share of miseries.

Not only are they infused with side-effects but most of the cough repellants make people drowsy as soon as taken so that the effects of cough are suppressed and people sleep, giving them a little time to get away from the cough. But, after having said that, once the person gets up, the effects of cough start to trouble him again.

Thus, that’s where taking some natural remedies for cough relief becomes a must. These natural remedies for cough relief comes with a twist as we present to you some changes to be made in your life to heal cough easily.

Diet- When you have a cough, it’s time to make some changes in your diet. Try to include diet rich in whole foods with a fresh and huge supply of fruits (mostly tangy) and vegetables. Avoid having sugar, salty, dairy and starch based foods. Pineapple juice when mixed with honey could act as one of the best natural remedies for cough relief

Also try to have more foods rich in zinc and Vitamin C and A

Herbs- Herbs that work as better natural remedies for cough relief are coltsfoot, marshmallow, horehound and mullein.

Environment- It would be suggested to abstain from smoking habit if you are having cold and cough and also do not stay in a smoky environment. Do not let people around you smoke. If you go out put a mask on your face. Avoid dirt and smoke of all types.

Also take ample rest to correct the condition. Try using these natural remedies for cough relief and get healed soon without any adverse side-effects to worry about.


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