Natural Remedies For Cough That Works Wonders

Natural remedies for cough that works wonders

Sudden weather conditions could get you into trouble with cold, cough and fever haunting you to bed ridden with cough playing major spoilsport. Thus, it would be good dishing out some quick natural remedies for cough that could simply work wonders to bail you out and keep you fit as medications may not come without their miseries of side-effects.

Drink hot water– drinking hot water or even gargling with it with a dash of turmeric powder and salt could be one of the better things to do to control cough as it would provide you immediate relief from common cold and cough.

Lemon grass tea– Lemon tea or lemon grass tea is another one of the very effective natural remedies for cough. Simply boil some lemon grass along with the water, add a dash of sugar with this and here is an effective method to keep cold and cough out of the blues. What’s more it’s also an effective health benefits laced beverage.

Keep away from oily foods– Avoid as much oily food from your eating regime when you have cold and cough as you can. Generally too, oily foods should be avoided and when having cough, it must be kept away off meal routine to get healed from cough.

Drink turmeric laced milk– This is one of the oldest ever and proven natural remedies for cough. Add some turmeric pieces in hot milk while boiling it mix well and have it to cure cough and bring about a fast relief for cold and cough.

Black pepper powder and black salt- Yes, another powerful way to keep off the cough. Simply mix some black pepper powder with black salt, mix it with hot water and have it and see you getting respite from cough and cold in no time.

Still waiting? Go out and try these natural remedies for cough and get quick relief from cough and cold in a jiffy. Best of luck!!


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