Some common natural remedies for constipation

Constipation is nothing but an age-old and very common digestive disorder known to mankind for ages. Frankly speaking, constipation is a state when bowel movements are painful, difficult and hard to pass by in the morning and a heavy feeling always keeps troubling you.

Constipation is a very common phenomenon among children and men but a high percentage of the same has been seen in women. Most of the constipation cases occur due to the lack of a fiber rich diet in the palette of the people.

While people may opt for common medications to correct the condition but as they may not come without side-effects causing agents, taking some common natural remedies for constipation would be the best thing to opt for.

Some common natural remedies for constipation

Taking a fiber rich diet- Increasing the intake of fiber during constipation could loosen up the stool and help you get smooth and relaxed bowel movements without having to exert any pressure to pass it.

Eating green leafy vegetables and tangy fruits- yes, even taking green leafy vegetables such as spinach for an instance could also provide effective relief and not to forget some commonly available tangy fruits such as oranges and lemons. Also eat raw banana to quickly do the needful.

Empty stomach funda- Drink every morning on empty stomach warm water mixed with some olive oil and half a lemon juice.

Drink warm water directly after getting up the first thing in the morning and avoid eating spicier and oil laced, grilled and fried foods. Soups could be taken that comes without MSG.

Black salt when taken with reddish to also work as one of the great and cheap natural remedies for constipation.

Eat as much as green salad as you can with more cucumber intake as it’s a great roughage source. Guava when taken with its seeds acts as one of the quickest and effective natural remedies for constipation.

Exercise- Exercising also helps in this case and also don’t sleep immediately after taking food, rather walk briskly and at least keep a gap of 1-2 hours between dinner and sleep.

Try taking these natural remedies for constipation and get your bowels right to get back to the basics of life without any side-effects when taken medicines.


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