Natural remedies for stress relief- Top 5 Foods

Stress and depression have attained the status of modern day cancers and thus they must not be allowed to take over your peace and derail your lifestyle. But, given the kind of flawed lifestyle that we are forced to live, stress and depression do affect us.

While most of us may take common medications for the same, they could have bad side-effects, so why not to opt for some foods as natural remedies for stress relief and send stress packing.

Coming straight to the point, here are the top 5 foods in the form of natural remedies for stress relief that would help you keep happy and stress free.

  • Asparagus- This magical veggie is very high in folic acid that can easily stabilize your mood and relieve you from stress. Also taking vegetables having B Vitamins and Folic acid would be advisable to be included in daily diet regimen to maintain a stress-free life
  • Beef- Beef is one of the mood elevators as it has loads of zinc, vitamin B and iron to make you feel stress free after minutes of you have consumed it. People think that they shall keep beef off their platter but compared to Chicken, it is one of the major nutrient rich food item that also relieves people of stress in no time
  • Milk- Since milk is very high in Vitamin B2 and Vitamin B12 and antioxidants; it is not only greatly nourishing the body but also keep the mood of the people and induces a good night’s sleep.
  • Blueberries and other fruits in common- Blueberries are nature’s blessings to fight off stress easily as they are laced with high-fiber content, low in calories and have antioxidant properties to facilitate stress fighting with vitamin C to being present in them.
  • Fish- Fish is also another stress relieving rich in omega 3 fatty acid food and taking it daily would surely keep you not only fit but also in the right spirits.

Take the routes of these natural remedies for stress relief and see yourself in the state of blissful health and happiness ever. All the best!


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