Some effective diet plan as natural remedies for erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction also known as impotence is the inability of penis to maintain or retain erection enough to indulge in a penetrative sexual intercourse.. As such, it is not a cause for concern. But the Erectile dysfunction, if faced regularly could lead to the following problems.

  • Stress
  • Marital discord
  • Low self-esteem

Millions of men the world over suffer from erectile dysfunction. Nearly half of men above the age of 40 suffer from ED at one or other point in their life. The following few factors attribute to ED in majority of men.

  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Increase in the cholesterol level
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Prostrate
  • Cancer
  • Inflammations

Modern studies reflect that just the way certain foods are considered bad for the heart by restricting its blood flow. Similarly certain foods are also known to restrict the flow of blood to penis.

The good news is that consuming a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and avoiding fried and fatty foods is known to help improve the circulation of blood throughout the body.

Low fat vegan diets are natural remedies for erectile dysfunction that can help a man to attain an erection and at the same time retain it for a longer time. These foods help scrub the plaque from the arterial walls thus keeping the blood flowing throughout the body.

Listed below are fruits that help to cleanse the body and improve the blood circulation thus aiding Erectile Dysfunction in the process:

  • Watermelons – This fruit contains 92 percent of water and that very water is considered to be good for health but it is actually the other 8 percent that can work wonders for erectile dysfunction. Various studies have come to the conclusion that this fruit might have similar effects as that of Viagra. This is due to the fact that the pro-nutrients in the flesh as well as the rind can relax those blood vessels that are present in the penis.
  • Nuts – Nuts such as pistachios are known to be high in protein especially argentine and are considered to be one of the most effective natural remedies for erectile dysfunction. Arginine helps in relaxing the blood vessels and improves circulation.
  • Tomatoes – Fruits and vegetable with a deep red tone are considered to be rich in Lycopene, a phytonutrient that can not only help fight some forms of cancer which also includes prostate cancer but at the same time is also good for circulation.

Avoiding a sedentary lifestyle, eating a diet rich in essential vitamins and minerals and keeping blood sugar levels in check and keeping high cholesterol and blood pressure under control are some of the measures one can adopt to overcome the problem of erectile dysfunction.

Try inculcating the same from today, it is not all that difficult. This is the key to success for becoming fit and overcoming the problem of erectile dysfunction.


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