How to use natural remedies for piles to keep the menace of piles at bay

If you are someone suffering from piles and experiencing any one or all of the problems underlined below,

  • Defecating a nightmare
  • Unable to sit in the toilet comfortably
  • Experiencing external lumps and piles
  • Burning sensation combined with pain in the rectum
  • Mute spectator of blood in your stools
  • Feeling lumps and swelling inside your rectum
  • Encountering needle pricking sensation while passing stools

Then let me assure you that you are not the only in the world. Nearly 60% of the world population is known to suffer from piles or Hemorrhoids at one or the other point of their life.

It is perfectly possible to cure piles using only natural remedies.

What is Piles?

Piles are troublesome varicose veins located in the rectal and the anal region. These painful veins can lead to extreme pain, protrusion and bleeding after bowel movements.

Piles can show up its hood at any age and in any condition while the symptoms may come and go in the most unpredictable manner.

There are various options available for treatment of piles but in case they are not very effective try the natural remedies for piles as mentioned below. They are known for not only providing relief but also for permanent cure.

Aloe Vera –

Natives had known the multitude of benefits of Aloe Vera and used it for treating various diseases and ailments.

Modern scientific study involving animals and humans has revealed that Aloe Vera possesses laxative properties and if ingested might of great help for people struggling with constipation and other gastrointestinal diseases.

The plant of Aloe Vera is known to possess properties helping to boost the immune system of human beings by reducing the discomfort of pain and inflammation. Applying the Aloe Vera gel in the area surrounding the anus is known to provide immediate relief from burning.

Asculum Hippocastanum – This herb can be applied when the piles are sore as well as aching and swollen. The pain may last for several hours after your bowel movement. People who are in need of this remedy often experience a sensation of lump or a feeling that a lot of sharp sticks are inside the rectum.

  • Calendula and Triphala –Topical application of Calendula and Triphala are an effective natural remedy in treating piles. Application of these herbs is known to provide effect. These herbs are endowed with special qualities that serve well against inflammation and provide a touch of relief.

There is no harm in trying out these natural remedies for piles in the initial stages and approaching a known doctor at a later stage. In case you do not find relief as most of the discomfort due to piles goes away only with the use of these natural remedies, consulting a registered doctor as soon as possible is advised.


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