A guide to natural remedies for men infertility


Infertility is not restricted to female alone. Nearly for half of the cases of infertility, men are equally responsible. Hence just blaming only the women for infertility won’t help. It is important that even men get tested for infertility along with women.

Overcoming Male Infertility:

Though many men find it embarrassing, diagnosing the exact cause for infertility in men and treating the same would help in achieving a successful pregnancy status. This would not only solve the problem for many couples but even spare many women from getting unwanted tests done and even help save money in the process.

The inability to father a child is more shocking for many men than one could think of. Along with the physical discomfort, the psychological trauma for men experiencing infertility is high.

Factors responsible for infertility in men:

Various factors contribute to male infertility right from

  • Penis to testicular disorder,
  • Low sperm count to genetic disorder.

Many tried and tested natural remedies for men infertility have helped countless men father a child.

The effectiveness of herbs in overcoming male infertility is a known fact. Regular and continuous use of some of the herbs is known to give excellent results as far as male infertility is concerned.

Folic acid –Research suggests that folic acid can help boost sperm health as well as increase the mobility and motility of sperm in men. Those men who are lacking in folate in their diet have increased risks of sperm that contains too little or too many chromosomes.

If unfortunately an egg gets fertilized due to one of these abnormal sperms, it can result in birth defects such as Down’s syndrome or an increased risk of miscarriage.

  • Yohimbe – Another most effective natural remedy for treating male infertility in terms of herbs is Yohimbe. This herb helps treat impotency by dilating the blood vessels and thus allowing more blood to reach the penis.
  • It also increases blood flow and sensitivity of nerves in the pelvic region. The efficiency of the central nervous system is also increased by it.
  • Steer clear of toxic substances –Another natural remedy is to steer clear of toxic substances such as smoking or excessive intake of alcohol and drugs.
  • Increase of protein in diet will help increase the sperm count.
  • Avoiding caffeine as well as spicy foods will go a long way in fighting infertility.

These are some of the most effective natural remedies for male infertility.

Following the above mentioned natural remedial measures on a regular basis will help bring significant changes in one’s overall health for the better. Another benefit being they are safe and easy to follow.


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