Liv 52 Works as Better Natural Remedies for Liver Health

All about liver disease

Are you one of those lay persons who think that Liver disease and resultant damage of the organ of liver is mainly caused due to excessive drinking; if so you are terribly wrong!

There are various factors and unknowing health conditions leading to liver disease and liver damage. Awareness about the exact cause for occurrence and treatment of liver disease is like half the battle won.

For those already suffering from liver disease or who want to protect their liver health, resorting to the natural herbal remedies such as Himalaya Liv 52 would help in restoring the functioning of the damaged liver along with protecting and preventing further damage.

Liver is one of the largest internal organs of the body performing more than 500 different functions including the following:

  • Digestion,
  • Nutrients,
  • Storage ,
  • Metabolism and
  • Removal of toxins from the body.

Healing Liver disorders with Liv 52 from Himalaya

Liv 52 from the House of Himalaya herbals is an amalgamation of different healing herbs.

It is clinically found to be very effective improving the liver function and also overall health.

The perfect blend of the chosen botanicals protects the liver by removing the assimilated harmful toxins arising out of   consumption of food, water, fruits and vegetables, alcohol and over the counter medications.

Thus Himalaya Liv 52, the natural remedy for liver health not only supports by improving the efficacy of the liver but also in regenerating itself. A daily dose of this herbal cure aids in improving appetite, digestion and even the assimilation process.

  •       It helps in maintaining healthy liver enzyme levels
  •       It is highly beneficial during convalescence
  •       It helps in supporting the liver’s normal capacity to burn fat
  •       It aids in supporting the body’s metabolic process

Factors leading to Liver disease:

The following factors are generally attributed for causing liver damage:

  • Alcohol
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Excessive intake of salt
  • Smoking
  • High intake of over- the- counter drugs such as antidepressants and mood stabilizers.
  • Chemotherapy

Certain infections and illness as mentioned below are also known to trigger liver damage:

  • Hepatitis A, B and C directly attacks the liver cells causing inflammation and hardening of the liver tissues thus leading to liver damage.
  • Tuberculosis: The bacteria responsible for causing liver disease sometimes enter the liver and colonize it leading to Hepatic Tuberculosis.
  • Intestinal infections occurring as a result of yeast Candida are also known to cause liver damage.

The organ of liver has the innate power to heal itself. The excessive indulgence in unhealthy habits result in abuse of the liver leading to fatty liver disease, liver cirrhosis and other life threatening situations of liver damage.

By availing the ayurvedic medicine of Liv 52, the best natural herbal remedies from Online Herbs one can find the tool and key to unlock this innate healing power.


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