Liv 52 as a Healthy New Year Gift- How it Works

This year try a healthy New Year gift

Forget all the cakes, cards, and gadgets. This year, why not turn the holiday gift giving to a motivation for living a healthy lifestyle. New Year is the season to drink, eat, party, celebrate and be merry. But what adverse effects do partying, rich foods and over-indulgence in alcohol has on one?

You are often perplexed how to overcome from it? Well, keeping this in mind, a leading online herbal pharmacy, Online Herbs has come up with a healthy New Year gift in the form of Liv 52. This will help your liver to cope better along with helping to cut down the risk of injury.

Take Himalaya Liv 52 this New Year for a healthy liver support

LiverCare/Liv 52 from Himalaya Herbals has been specially formulated with chosen herbs to support healthy liver function. It has proven effective as one of the best natural remedies liver health in more than 182 clinical studies. It is also a favorite amongst health professionals. It is one of the most recommended and widely used herbal liver supplements. Himalaya Liv 52 functions as an effective detoxification agent that helps in neutralizing every type of poison and toxin from water, food, medications and air; all sources of unfavorable effects on the liver.

Alcohol users too found this herbal remedy helpful in maintaining a healthier liver. This herbal liver supplement in pre-cirrhotic conditions helps in arresting the development of the infection and stops further liver damage. It is also taken as a daily health supplement for improving appetite, promoting weight gain, and assimilation and digestion process.

Benefits of Liv 52

  • It is the most effective natural remedies liver health
  • It helps in supporting healthy liver enzyme level, liver cell regeneration, and also functions as a regular super nourishment for the liver
  • It has clinically proven for preserving normal biochemical and hematological safety constraints within the liver
  • It helps in preserving the function and structure of liver cells
  • It brings expected results within a brief span of time and is safe to be used by all on a regular basis

So, what are you waiting for? Order Liv 52 right away from Online Herbs and give it to your loved one as a New Year gift to help him maintain a healthy liver function all through the year.


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